Adapting To Dentures

September 2, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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If you have just been fitted for  dentures, it can take a little while to adjust. Partial or full dentures, crowns and bridges can all cause difficulties in the everyday life of the wearer, and you may find that you need to adapt certain habits until you become used to them. Visit us in our North West London or Hertfordshire clinic. Ideal locations for those in any area of London, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

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A recent article on offers some useful advice on how to adapt to these issues, and how to care for your dentures to ensure that they have a long life. Discover the denture treatment.

1. Learning to eat

Begin with foods that are either liquidised or easy to eat, such as soups and smoothies. Gradually introduce your usual foods back into your diet, teaching yourself the dynamics of eating with dentures.

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It may sound obvious, but you should chew food slowly and evenly with your back teeth – do not gulp foods down. It is also important not to keep warms drinks in your mouth for too long, as it may loosen your denture glue. Read about the difference between dentures and implants.

2. Learning to talk

It’s likely that you will be self-conscious when first getting used to talking with dentures, but this phase needn’t last long.

You may feel as if your dentures are too big for your mouth and that it takes more effort to speak, but you will soon become accustomed to them and less aware of how they feel. A good tip is to read aloud in bed, to practice talking in private. Find out more.

3. Taking care of your dentures

Dentures can be expensive, so you’ll want to look after them properly. Using the right cleaning products will become an important part of your daily routine – you can now get whitening pastes, five minute cleaning products and overnight solutions.

It’s essential to use a special denture brush to avoid damaging the delicate materials. See more: Advice for those with dentures.

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