1000s choosing private dentists over NHS

Can you get cosmetic dentistry on the nhs

Thousands of Patients in England Leaving NHS Dental Practices In the current climate, millions, not thousands, of NHS dental patients in England are being forced to go private as ‘dental deserts’ become a scary reality. Many patients struggle to be accepted as new NHS patients and have travelled very far from their local home area … Read more

NHS Dental Emergencies – A Huge Struggle to Get Appointment

all on 4 implants

Are you Finding it Impossible to Get an Emergency Dental Appointment? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one.  Did you know that more than 50% of council areas in the UK, specifically in England, have no dentists listed on the NHS website who are taking on new adult patients for routine procedures? With only 32% having … Read more

9/10 NHS dental practices in England closed to new routine patients

No New Patient Appointments in England Due to Mass Exodus The lowest number of dentists for a decade Patients struggle to get treatment Patients unable to get on NHS dentist lists at all 20% fewer patients have been seen in London since 2019 Up to 2,000 dentists have left the NHS, leaving around 4 million … Read more

Dental Braces Good Option For All Ages

Dental braces are traditionally seen as an option for children and teenagers to fix the look of their smiles and to keep misaligned or crooked teeth in control. However, as dentistry develops, there are also many options available for straightening adults’ teeth, and due to modern technology, some of these braces are even invisible to … Read more