Is a Dental Crown Procedure Painful?

Is It Painful To Have A Crown Put On Your Tooth?

Our aim is for your crown treatment to be completely painless and comfortable.

We use several techniques to ensure that you are very comfortable throughout the treatment and afterwards.

Minimal Pain During Crown Treatment

First, most crown treatments are on teeth that are already heavily filled or that have had a root canal treatment done on them beforehand. This means that very little sound tooth tissue is present. Hence, when preparing or shaping the tooth for a crown, you will not feel any pain.

Regardless, we always provide local anaesthesia to the area where the tooth is present. We use special numbing gels on the gum before this stage and a unique technique to administer the local anaesthetic. As a result, you will not feel any pain during the treatment.

We also use advanced technology “drills’. This means they are smoother and faster.

Our skilled and experienced clinicians have tremendous control over the crown shaping and tooth preparation procedure. For you, the whole experience is quick and minimally invasive, which means that the drilling part of the process will be shorter than ever before.

Crowns as part of single-implant treatments

Crowns are also fixed to the top of an implant to restore and make it into a functioning tooth. However, Implant treatment is a surgical procedure, so there may be a certain level of post-operative soreness during the healing process.

But you can be reassured that you will not experience any pain while treating both the implant and crown. This is because of our strict, pain-free protocols. Repair my teeth today.

Better Resulting Bite With Trial Crown To Prevent Post-Operative Soreness

Most symptoms of a crown result from the patient’s inability to bite properly on the tooth. This means they constantly ” hit” the tooth every time they speak or chew, which can leave the tooth very sore or tender.

We have incorporated a special technique to determine the crown’s correct biting surfaces before placing it in your mouth. This process is similar to creating a “Trial Smile,” except this is a Trial Crown.

We take various measurements and design work before we treat the tooth in the Treatment Planning stage. Based on our plan, we create a temporary tooth, which you wear for the two weeks it takes to create the final crown. This we call a “Trial Crown.”

The Trial Crown is made of very hard plastic and is cemented to the tooth using a semi-permanent bonding technique. This allows us to remove the temporary crown without damaging the underlying tooth when we fit the final crown.

The Trial Crown is primarily used to test the crown’s biting surface to ensure compatibility with teeth. We want the resulting bite to be stable and harmonious.

If we notice any cracks or signs of wear on the Trial Crown, we do not fit the final crown until it is corrected. This way, you can be sure of minimal post-operative symptoms.

Dedicated To Nervous Patients

Over the last 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to caring for patients who may experience anxiety or are nervous about the dentist. We understand that part of your treatment to not cause any pain is for it to be comfortable in every area, not just in your mouth. Find out more.

We have many techniques and products that can alleviate your symptoms. They range from aromatherapy and detailed care to meditative innovative products like Nucalm. We can also offer sedation to those who may need it.

Through all the above processes, we ensure a completely pain-free experience for patients needing crown treatment.