How Much are Turkey Teeth?

How Much Will Turkey Teeth Really Cost You?

Many UK people consider flying to Turkey for treatments that will improve their smile cosmetically. For example, dental treatments and procedures like veneers and dental implants are being offered in Turkey for what people believe is half the price. But while we can agree that the price is cheaper than in the UK, it’s not the real price.

Let us explain using dental veneers as an example.

Dental veneers are small, thin shells of porcelain bonded on top of a patient’s existing teeth. While it’s a common perception that teeth need to be filed down to stubs for the veneer to be placed, this is not the case. Patients believe their teeth will be filed down so much they’ll never know their original smile again.

But in dentistry, we only file down teeth when placing a dental crown (see the illustration below), not veneers. To place dental veneers, we only scrape a small portion of enamel to bond the tooth (often only 0.5mm large). See the dangers of turkey teeth.

So it’s cheaper in Turkey for “veneers” because you’re not actually receiving dental veneers but crowns—and if you have them done in the UK, then you’ll enjoy a minimally invasive experience that involves no drilling, shaving, or, in some instances, needles.

Compare costs between the UK and Turkey

If you want a full smile of veneers, then know you’ll likely need six veneers per arch (a total of 12 veneers for upper and lower jaws). But you might not need a total of 12 veneers – other cosmetic treatments can be used to blend other teeth, whereas veneers can be used to improve the most visible teeth.

Turkey prices and veneer brands:

  • Zirconium Veneers £100 – £250 per tooth
  • Laminate Veneers £150 – £350 per tooth

Total maximum cost for a full smile = £4,200

UK prices and veneer brands:

  • Composite veneers from £500 per tooth
  • Ultrathin veneers from £1,200 per tooth
  • Durathin veneers from £1,200 per tooth
  • Lumineers from £900 per tooth

Total maximum cost for a full smile = £14,400. Explore 0% finance.

If you want to save money on upgrading your smile, then we would recommend looking into composite veneers. They can be placed in one appointment, are not invasive (often reversible) and cost as little as £300. Explore them in detail. 

full mouth porcelain veneers offer

Additional costs you’ll need to take into consideration when travelling abroad

A further misconception about veneers is that they can be placed immediately (this is only the case for composite veneers). The total treatment time for porcelain veneers is traditionally three weeks, including your consultation and preparation appointment, where you’ll be fitted with temporary veneers and final fitting. So, you’ll need to book a longer trip away.

Other costs you’ll need to factor in are your travel, tickets, transfers, transport, accommodation, food/drink, medical insurance and more. However, please note, that some clinics will have packages that include these additional costs.

Please bear this in mind

Remember, it’s cheap for a reason… UK dentists are not trying to “rip you off”

If something goes wrong with the veneers you’ve had abroad, finding a dentist willing to fix your problem might be challenging in the UK. While many will want to help, dentists in Turkey use different brands and techniques than dentists in the UK, which is a risk to British dentists trying to rescue the work.

As the job is often rushed abroad, which is reflected in the low price, harmonies and bites are often not taken into much consideration, which leaves patients in pain, struggling to eat and talk. In this scenario (where we have helped patients), it’s most likely that you’ll have to have the veneers removed and replaced – and if you’ve lost your underlying tooth structure, we won’t be able to place amazing ultra-thin and minimally invasive veneers that would have been your first option if you came to us first.

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