Fixed Braces or Removable Braces

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Fixed Braces or Aligners? What’s Best in Terms of Costs, Effectiveness & Treatment Length If you want to realign or straighten your teeth, then there’s no doubt you’ve considered removable braces (clear aligners). You’ll prefer that they’re faster, more comfortable, require fewer dental visits and are more discreet. Still, if you’re serious about straightening your … Read more

32-Year-Old Man Opts for Braces Over Turkey Teeth and Doesn’t Regret It

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Brave Man in His 30s Shows Love for His Braces An article in the Independent and Wales Online recently covered a story we found particularly inspiring about Scott Lowe, a 32-year-old window cleaner from Merseyside, who opted for braces over Turkey teeth despite what online trolls had to say. Scott’s story “My teeth have always … Read more

Is Invisalign Cheaper than Braces UK?

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Deep Dive into Invisalign Prices Is Invisalign cheaper than braces in the UK? Does it work out cheaper to get Invisalign? Let’s find out… Cost of Invisalign See the full breakdown of Invisalign prices and what’s included. Cost of braces Comparing the costs – what’s cheaper? Judging by the cost of the two treatments, Invisalign … Read more