How Much are Braces? | Exact Prices

How much are braces

Price Guide For All Adult Brace Types in the UK Braces are most commonly prescribed to patients experiencing overbite issues, overcrowding and other bite conditions.  Whilst you can live with conditions like an overbite, letting it go untreated has been known to cause serious consequences to the teeth, mouth and overall health. Therefore, it’s best … Read more

Why Invisalign could be better than a facelift

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The Teeth Tweak Treatments That Can Change Your Face Whilst cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics have great benefits for your oral health and straighten teeth in half time, there’s more to this type of dentistry than you might know. There’s a secret side to the industry, and our Instagram famous dentists are here to reveal their … Read more

Invisalign Guide

Invisalign guide

Is Invisalign Really Right For You? Read Our Full Guide Invisalign can straighten teeth perfectly within a year and can offer patients a more private procedure than other bulky and obvious brace treatments. Perfect for adults and older teenagers looking to perfect their smiles, Invisalign offers patients an affordable and effective way to correct their … Read more

New trends to watch in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise There are a number of new trends that are planning to change the face of cosmetic dentistry.  This field of dentistry is more accessible than ever before thanks to improved technology that allows for better results more affordably. And because of this, new trends have emerged, which plan to … Read more

41% of people never show their teeth

Do you hate showing your teeth off especially in photos? Are you looking for a cost-effective and fast teeth straightening solution? We may have a perfect solution for a perfect smile, that’s perfect for you. Say “Hello” to a great new innovative orthodontic treatment that is taking the UK with a smile – Six Month … Read more

7 Things People Want From Their Orthodontist London

A person’s smile is a very important asset and it influences almost every aspect of life from how you feel about yourself to how others feel about you and hence how you interact and communicate with each other. It is almost the catalyst to a chain reaction on how you live your life. Smiling has … Read more

Orthodontic braces showing great promise in visionary dentistry

Teeth straightening systems have been around for some time now, however many adults have been put off by the thought of having to wear metal train-track types orthodontic braces for a few years. Well now the answer to your dreams has arrived…six month smiles teeth straightening system is taking the UK forward. This is a … Read more

Has Miley Cyrus had her teeth done?

Once again we embark on our journey assessing celebrity smiles. Celebrities actually have a great influence on everyday lives with wannabe’s copycatting some or all aspects of their style. And people actually look to these celebs for “what’s new?” When it comes to their most noticeable feature – their smiles – they seem to have … Read more

You can have the perfect look with drill free dentistry

According to a recent YouGov survey 45% of adults in the UK are unhappy with their smile, 56% would consider treatment to improve their smile, and a quarter make a direct link between their teeth and self-esteem. These days people are not looking for suspiciously perfect teeth like gleaming white Hollywood nashers but something that … Read more

You can Have orthodontic treatment at any age

People visit an orthodontist in hope to have their teeth straightened. For teens, this often results in a conventional manner with metal braces. These treatments often last 1-2 years before the kids end up with straight teeth. Find out more. However, many adults feel that it is too late to consider straightening their crooked teeth … Read more