Dental Disasters – Dentist Warns Against Alarming Trends

Prevent tooth and mouth injuries

Please Don’t Attempt TikTok Dental Trends! Social media apps like TikTok and Instagram often reveal great hacks for those who want to look younger and save time and money. But social users should proceed with caution. Social media can be a great platform to spread information, but it can also be a great platform to … Read more

Why Invisalign could be better than a facelift

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The Teeth Tweak Treatments That Can Change Your Face Whilst cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics have great benefits for your oral health and straighten teeth in half time, there’s more to this type of dentistry than you might know. There’s a secret side to the industry, and our Instagram famous dentists are here to reveal their … Read more

Warning! Here are things I wish I did to my teeth in my 30s

Everything I wish I knew about my teeth in my 30s I’m going to be honest with you, in my younger years, I never really cared much about my teeth. I had no bite irregularities or any problems and therefore really had no major concerns or insecurities. My teeth were “fine”, just like everybody else’s. … Read more

I paid £80 a month for my dental veneers and I couldn’t be happier

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A real patient review Do you hate your smile? Are you embarrassed to open your mouth? Do you think no one will fancy you because of it? These were all emotions I experienced on a daily basis.  Of course, everyone has insecurities or parts of their body they are unhappy with. But, in my experience, … Read more

Truths behind at-home treatments for teeth

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Avoid At-Home Tooth Whitening Strips, Kits and Bleaching Devices With a lot of the world spending their time at home recently due to the current pandemic, there has been an increase in people seeking out at-home tooth bleaching kits. Whilst this is understandable, as professionals dentists, we cannot help but also feel slightly concerned. We … Read more

How early detection of problems can save you from heavy invasive dental work

Spot Dental Problems Early: Save Time & Money What’s great about today’s cosmetic dentistry treatment options is that many of the procedures can be performed without damaging or altering your original tooth shape, structure or size. Here at The Perfect Smile, we believe minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry is very important, especially as it can be applied … Read more

Composite Veneers Vs Porcelain Veneers

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Composite Veneers Vs Porcelain Veneers: What’s The Difference If you are considering getting veneers, finding the right ones that work for you and your oral condition, whether it be bite problems or discolouration is important. Very effective when it comes to correcting crooked or gappy smiles, the two different types of veneers both have strong … Read more

The teeth-tweakments that will make you look instantly younger and more attractive

Under 50? Quick treatments to achieve a better-looking smile  Are you thinking about improving your smile? Perhaps you are looking to make changes but do not wish to pursue heavy reconstructive procedures or full smile makeovers. Dentistry has adapted amazingly over the years to align better with patient needs and trends. And thankfully, cosmetic dentistry … Read more

A Healthy Smile Can Boost Mental Health & Well Being

How Oral Health Affects Your Mind & Body There is nothing better than a healthy mouth, which can be an amazing asset to have. Believe it or not, our teeth play an important role in your lives; they help us to chew and digest, speak clearly and provide shape for our face. On top of … Read more