Invisible Brace Options

Invisalign tips that will blow your mind

Straighten Teeth Invisibly With the stigma of metal braces still present, invisible brace options have become a popular treatment choice with adults because they are not only more discreet but also faster. Whether it’s white fixed braces or clear aligners, invisible devices have revolutionised the orthodontic market. They make it possible for patients to straighten … Read more

Why Invisalign could be better than a facelift

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The Teeth Tweak Treatments That Can Change Your Face Whilst cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics have great benefits for your oral health and straighten teeth in half time, there’s more to this type of dentistry than you might know. There’s a secret side to the industry, and our Instagram famous dentists are here to reveal their … Read more

Straight Facts About Straightening Teeth — The Science Behind Orthodontics

Straight facts about straightening teeth

What is orthodontics? Orthodontics is a sub-speciality of dentistry devoted to realigning crooked teeth to improve the appearance and the treatment of improper bites (malocclusions). What causes improper bites? Malocclusions result from irregularities in the positioning of teeth, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both. Why have orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment is carried out primarily to improve the … Read more

You can have the perfect look with drill free dentistry

According to a recent YouGov survey 45% of adults in the UK are unhappy with their smile, 56% would consider treatment to improve their smile, and a quarter make a direct link between their teeth and self-esteem. These days people are not looking for suspiciously perfect teeth like gleaming white Hollywood nashers but something that … Read more

Advantages of a new Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has taken a huge step into the future and is now encompassing treatments where you get to have your teeth straightened without anyone even noticing that you are having anything done. Find out more. These days a very popular treatment is to have teeth straightening treatment using invisible braces. This  orthodontic treatment can … Read more