Unbearable Tooth Pain – What to Do

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What To Do If Your Tooth Pain is Unbearable Even dentists know how unbearable toothache can be, especially when bacteria have entered the tooth’s pulp, resulting in an infection. Without treatment, tooth pain is hard to manage or eliminate alone. However, some at-home remedies exist, which can help you see you through until you can … Read more

Last-Minute Options for Fixing Bad Teeth

Last-minute options for fixing bad teeth

Bad Teeth? It’s Never too Late to do Something! As a recent employee at The Perfect Smile Studios, I felt it was important to write this blog post because I know exactly how it feels to have bad teeth and be too scared to visit the dentist. Now, I’ve never experienced dental phobia or have … Read more

How early detection of problems can save you from heavy invasive dental work

Spot Dental Problems Early: Save Time & Money What’s great about today’s cosmetic dentistry treatment options is that many of the procedures can be performed without damaging or altering your original tooth shape, structure or size. Here at The Perfect Smile, we believe minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry is very important, especially as it can be applied … Read more

The truth behind sensitive teeth

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Sensitive Teeth: What They Really Mean, Causes and Treatments How sensitive are your teeth? Do you disturb them when you run your tongue across your teeth? Can you not bite into cold foods? From the outside, sensitive teeth may not sound bad or even annoying, but for sufferers of the dental condition, it is painful … Read more

Yellow Teeth: How To Avoid, Get Rid Of and Prevent

Yellow teeth: how to avoid

Remove Tooth Stains For Good! As our outer enamel wears away as we age, yellowly dentin lying underneath can become more visible as we age, not to mention the lifestyle habits that affect our smiles. Causes of yellow teeth We all know that certain foods, drinks and smoking can cause yellow teeth. But this doesn’t … Read more

74% Of Brits Ignore The Impact Of A Poor Diet On Oral Health

Britons unconcerned about the effect their diet Britons are worryingly unconcerned about the effect their diet could have on their oral health, with men significantly less interested in the impact their choice of food and drinks has on their dental health than women. According to new research, even though the majority of respondents recognised the … Read more

Scientists Develop Method To Help Aid Recovery From Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems faced by both children and adults in the UK Treating a rotting tooth by root canal surgery or fillings are among a few of the procedures that most people find intimidating and unpleasant. These sometimes painful experiences could soon be over. A team of US scientists … Read more