Five Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

July 22, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

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Basic dental care is a simple task.

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However, a surprising number of people either ignore or underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene.

According to a recent report by Colgate, almost half of adults say they sometimes skip brushing their teeth before going to bed.

As well as gaps in their dental care routine, many adults also lack theoretical knowledge of dental health. The report revealed that 53% were in the dark about what caused tooth decay, while almost three in five admitted they had no idea that cavities are preventable. Read more about how Britons can improve Oral Health.

Here are five key tips for how to take care of your teeth:

  1. Never skip brushing. Even if you are tired in the evening, it is a big mistake to leave brushing for the morning. It means that bacteria in your mouth has 24 hours in which to enter below your gum line and start to cause tooth decay and inflammation.
  2. Clean gently. Rather than removing bacteria, vigorous brushing may cause more harm by damaging your tooth enamel and hurting your gums. Use gentle circular movements while brushing.
  3. Floss. This is the best prevention of gum disease, which is the condition that ultimately causes most cases of tooth loss.
  4. Don’t clean after meals. Dentists advise to be patient and wait at least 30 minutes after meals before brushing, especially if you have eaten sugary or acidic foods. Let saliva do its work and clean the bacteria naturally before helping it further with the brush.
  5. Be aware of what you drink. Remember that sugary drinks are very harmful to your tooth enamel. But since being well-hydrated is crucial, opt for water to clean your oral cavity and maintain your dental and oral health.



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Dr David Bloom

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