Early Warning Signs That Call For A Visit To Your Dentist

August 7, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

Dental Health

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Although everyone knows that regular check-ups with your dentist should not be skipped, there are several signs that mean you should not wait until your next appointment.

  1. If you notice a change of colour or texture of your teeth or gums, or any part of the inside of your mouth, you should pay attention. If your gums become red or swollen and if they bleed while you are brushing your teeth, you may be developing gingivitis. In this case, an intervention from your dentist is necessary to prevent the progress of the disease.
  2. Check the inside of the cheeks and the mouth floor below your tongue. If there are red or white spots or patches that do not go away in a few days, you should see your dentist. Any wart-like formations or white patches could be warning signs of oral cancer, so these should be seen by a professional.
  3. If there are any white spots on your tooth enamel, this might mean that tooth decay has set in. The white spots may actually show where the tooth enamel is dissolving due to harmful bacteria. The development of dental decay can be stopped if these white marks are treated early.
  4. If your teeth become unusually sensitive to hot and cold, this could be another symptom of weakening enamel or tooth decay. If it is the former, your enamel may be strengthened by increased calcium intake, prescribed by your dentist.

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Dr David Bloom

Reviewed by Dr David Bloom


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