Understanding how to achieve your Perfect Smile

April 7, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

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Your smile has topped a poll of the most important physical features when it comes to an attraction between men and women. The smile was closely followed by the face and then the eyes.

This year the theme is “The Smile Factor”, which aims to remind people that their mouth, teeth and smile is fundamental to all aspects of their life – whether career, personality, relationships, attraction or all-round good health.makeover smile

Despite the importance of smiles and teeth to everyday life, many people appear to have a poor image of the nations smile. The survey revealed also that only 23 percent of those surveyed believed that the nation had ‘good teeth’, and approaching half the population were not happy with their smile or teeth. Results such as these should act as reminders to us that we should be giving greater attention to our teeth – not just because it improves oral health. But because it gives us the confidence to smile, which makes a major difference to our relationships, careers and overall image.

Cosmetic dentistry is shedding new light on patient management and treatment planning techniques to allow for more comprehensive care.

We treat the different modalities of dentistry like an artist treats his palette of colours.

After careful assessment of the patient, We pick and choose the right combination of treatment types to match exactly with the patient’s criteria and requirements. See: Treatments.

This involves :

  1. Moving teeth into the correct position. Teeth Straightening Treatments.
  2. Making the teeth look good on the surface. Whitening Treatments.
  3. Making teeth healthy and structurally good. General Dentistry.


How dentistry can create your ideal smile

Enhanced dentistry is a huge subject and many terms are often inter-used. Also, many aspects of dentistry can be inter-combined to form a final result. For instance, orthodontic treatment, dental implant treatment and dental veneers can be combined to form the final result.

  • Orthodontic Treatment

Here we can use clear braces or six-month smile adult treatment for teeth straightening. This can be done before teeth veneers or teeth whitening treatments to produce a more conservative final result. See: six month treatment.

  • Dental Implant Treatment

We can replace missing teeth prior to construction of the new smile with teeth implants. This means the end result is uniform and each tooth including the implant tooth matches one another. Click here for implant advantages.

  • Veneer Treatments

This can be done on its own or in combination with other orthodontic and restorative treatments. Learn more.

  • General Dentistry 

All treatment received by our patients should be cosmetic in nature so very filling we do needs to look inconspicuous.

Having clean and healthy gums is the framework of a beautiful smile.

  • Teeth whitening

Simple, non invasive teeth whitening can be carried for the entire smile or for areas not treated by any of the above, to create a uniform smile. This treatment should be carried out prior to any of the above treatments so that the best colour and shade match can be achieved.

Other treatments options include:

As you can see there are multirole treatments and we can mix and match the appropriate treatments to suit your needs.

Your dentist London at The Perfect Smile Studios will be able to discuss these options. Read more.


Giving our patients nothing but the bestPerfect Smile Studios Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Doshi has run a very specific teaching course on the core principals used in designing new smiles and creating dental enhancements for patients. The delegate dentists at The Perfect Smile Training Institute are all taught intensive preparation and treatment for smile makeovers on their patients. They have been taught innovative techniques that are the driving force behind natural looking smiles that suit. Continue reading.

It is a multi-disciplinary program and Dr. Doshi uses all the different specialties of dentistry that are necessary to create the ultimate final result that forms the correct treatment for the patient.

Thus our team can give you multiple opportunities to see what type of dentistry you feel you would like to consider.

This includes:

Click here to see our special offers and to take advantage of them, call our studios on 01992 552115 today.

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We offer a highly comprehensive detailed examination and assessments. Our thorough approach is a signature of our service and commitment to helping you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

With the help of advanced state-of-the-art technology and our in-house visiting specialists, we have customized our assessments to meet your needs and wishes.

Our aim is: To understand your situation COMPLETELY To make an ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS taking into consideration your goals and wishes for your dental care


Several Dental Treatments are considered as Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term for a huge array of different treatments that are all aimed at improving the look of your teeth and smile.

Any treatment that can change any of the following can contribute to a cosmetic treatment plan:

We can change the shape of your teeth using porcelain or composite restorations in treatments such as veneers, crowns and fillings.


What if you could mix and match your dentistry? Do you think you could get your ideal smile? Can having natural looking, whiter and straighter teeth be your perfect solution to a great smile?

Due to celebrity promotion and the media push many people are now aware of the most popular treatments such as full smile designs using traditional veneers and smile makeovers in dentistry. Check out our digital smile designing.

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Dr David Bloom

Reviewed by Dr David Bloom


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