What is The Perfect Smile?

November 23, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Aesthetic Dentistry, Beautiful Smiles, Smile Makeovers, Smile Perception

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People talk about ‘The Perfect Smile’, but exactly what constitutes a perfect smile? Many times in conversation and in the media “The Perfect Smile” is a term that is used to describe a large wide, bright and white smile. It is perceived as synonymous with the “Hollywood Smile” that many celebrities strive towards.

However, is that the correct use of the term and what do dentists define as The Perfect Smile?

At The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute Dr. Rahul Doshi, a leading dentist in Hertfordshire, teaches dentists on the clinical aspect of designing ‘The Perfect Smile’. He believes that there are general rules of thumb principals that any dentist should take into account when designing and creating new smiles. However, these principals should be used as guides and not taken as the exact way of designing the smile. If the exact principals were to be followed all the time then people would end up with smiles that look all the same.

Dr. Doshi explains that creating beautiful smiles is much more than designing one smile to fit all. Smile Makeovers and enhanced results including teeth implants are all about using certain principals as a guide but then using artistic and creative ability and skill to produce a smile that suits the face and the person. This allows that smile to become unique. And this ultimately creates and produces ‘The Perfect Smile’ as far as the particular patient is concerned. The Perfect Smile is only perfect if it is designed in a way that suits the face without looking artificial and fake.

Studies of beautiful faces reveal that they all have certain components that are true such as good facial symmetry and good bone structures. However, all beautiful faces are not the same.

In a similar context, beautiful smiles have certain components that are similar such as teeth symmetry and alignment but the overall design of the new teeth is as unique as the face. This is the philosophy behind Dr. Doshi’s smile creations in his smile clinic and his teachings at the Advanced Training Institute.

Components of The Perfect Smile that makes it beautiful:

– A wide mouth surrounding the smile.

– The colour of teeth created to match the face tone.

– The shape of teeth created so that they suit the facial shape

– Contours of teeth created to match the contours of the face

– The proportion of teeth showing as depending on the facial muscles

– The smile following the curvature of the lower lip

– The way in which the teeth reflect light

– The surface texture of the teeth

– The proportion of teeth to one another

– The smile being harmonious from every angle

These are but a few ways in which The Perfect Smile Studios creates The Perfect Smile for you.Our

Your journey to The Perfect Smile for you starts with your complimentary consultation in our smile clinic where we get to know one another and we get to understand your exact requirements.

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