The Perfect Smile with Dentistry – Hype or Achievable?

The perfect smile – a possibility or a pipe dream The UK’s ambivalence to cosmetic dentistry has earned us the reputation of being dental dinosaurs and we have fast become the butt of many a joke by our teeth and smile obsessed American counterparts. However, you will be pleased to hear our attitude is changing … Read more

Perfect Smile Obsessed Celebs!

How much are image obsessed celebrities affected by their smiles? Multiple studies have now proven that a bad smile has a direct consequence on self-confidence and self –esteem. However, for those that are constantly in the public eye, this must be a point of serious contention. Your dentist in London will tell you that enhancement … Read more

Extreme Makeovers Without the Extreme

When the UK Living TV first brought out the Extreme Makeover series, we were all ecstatic and excited to appear as the main dentists on the show. However, since that first launch and TV debut, much has changed within dentistry. Your questions answered. Nowadays, smile makeovers are constructed without the “Extreme” part in mind. Instead, … Read more