Hollywood Smiles – Before & After

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Hollywood Smile Makeovers Achieved at Our Practice – Before & After You don’t need to go to Hollywood to achieve a beautiful, celebrity-worthy smile. In fact, many patients just come to our practice in Hertford instead. We can makeover the smile in many ways, using veneers, tooth whitening, Invisalign and dental implants – we can … Read more

Leading cosmetic dentist explains why you should not be scared to get veneers

Leading cosmetic dentist

Veneers are better than ever before As more and more young adults want to perfect their teeth, the increase and demand for cosmetic dentistry have soared. Two of the most popular treatments include veneers and teeth whitening, which often go hand in hand. However, whilst younger patients may be eager to undergo the treatment, one … Read more

New trends to watch in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise There are a number of new trends that are planning to change the face of cosmetic dentistry.  This field of dentistry is more accessible than ever before thanks to improved technology that allows for better results more affordably. And because of this, new trends have emerged, which plan to … Read more

Will dentists stay open in a pandemic? What it means for appointments

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Dental Practices & COVID-19 With dentists not being able to open during the first national lockdown and permitted to do so following strict guidelines in the second, it can be difficult to discern whether dental offices are safe to open during a pandemic and what the future of appointments will look like.  For many patients … Read more

The best ways to restore your confidence in your smile

restore your confidence in your smile

It is completely normal to have parts of your body you are more insecure about. We are an image-focused society, and when there is one particular part of your appearance you don’t like it is easy to become fixated on and obsess over that. When you don’t like your hair – you try a new … Read more