Leading cosmetic dentist explains why you should not be scared to get veneers

Veneers are better than ever before

As more and more young adults want to perfect their teeth, the increase and demand for cosmetic dentistry have soared.

Two of the most popular treatments include veneers and teeth whitening, which often go hand in hand.

However, whilst younger patients may be eager to undergo the treatment, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring that the procedure is minimally invasive and safe for the underlying teeth.

So, whether you are self-conscious or unhappy with your smile because your teeth are crooked, discoloured, too short or too long, there are quick and minimally invasive procedures available.

New advances in technology, systems and techniques mean that the dental world can rectify this problem easily with the latest veneer innovations.

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What patients need to know about the latest veneer technology

Patients only know as much as their doctor tells them, or what they can find online.

What they might not be searching for is how veneers have progressed and how certain dental practices can offer them greater results and treatments that involve no drilling, shaving or injections. 

It’s important that patients know all the options available to them – this means that they do not have to undergo a permanent and damaging procedure to the tooth when there may be no need.

For example, a lot of patients have seen an emergence of thick-looking veneers online, where a crown is used rather than a veneer.

Crowns differ from veneers, are thicker, cover the entire tooth and require shaving and shaping of the tooth. Veneers simply cover the front of the tooth.

Patients need to know that veneers have advanced quite a lot.

The materials used have evolved and more advanced porcelain is available that means it can function just like your natural teeth would.

New veneer systems mimic natural teeth, whilst still enhancing the overall appearance.

Less removal of tooth structure

Dental Veneers: Porcelain Veneer installation Procedure. 3D illustrationAs touched on above, new techniques in technology mean we can create veneers thinner than ever before.

This means that we are able to take less structure, where previous scenarios require a substantial amount of your healthy, natural tooth structure in order to place the veneer.

Now, minimal preparation is required and the patient has the choice to pick and choose what they would like to remove – this can involve contouring the teeth to avoid any sharp angles. And then in other cases, no preparation is needed whatsoever.

It’s the best of both, you can receive veneers without losing any of your natural tooth structure that cannot be replaced and still improve your smile.

Veneers are completely custom to you

Everything is customisable.

You can choose everything from the shape (round teeth or square teeth) to colour. You can even choose the material.

Anyone who feels self-conscious around their smile is a suitable candidate for veneers – in many cases, we do not perform major smile makeovers, but rather small alterations where two of the teeth are too big or small.

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