Are Children’s School Eating Habits Affecting Their Oral Health?

Here at the Perfect Smile Studios we help to promote oral hygiene in Hertfordshire, as well as North London’s Harley Street. For those are less confident with their smile, we help to change this and can give you a smile makeover treatment. Find out more. After recent findings showed that a Mediterranean diet could help … Read more

September is Oral Health Month

strong oral health

Looking after our teeth may sound like a simple task, but it is amazing how many people in Britain are failing to maintain an adequate oral healthcare routine – even if they know that they ought to be. Thanks to a partnership between toothpaste manufacturer Colgate and the British Dental Association (BDA), 1 September will … Read more

UK Scientists Research Tooth Decay In Children

Nearly 26,000 primary school children were admitted to hospital for treatment of tooth decay in the past 12 months, making the condition the most common reason for hospitalisation of children between the ages of five and nine, new research shows. Statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, published in the Sunday Times, reveal … Read more

Number Of Welsh Children With Fillings Doubles In Four Years

Latest statistics released by the Welsh government have raised concerns over the state of children’s dental health, as figures show that more children need professional treatment, such as fillings. Figures show that in 2012/2013, the number of babies and children younger than five years old who had fillings or sealant restoration was twice as high … Read more

How To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Despite the fact that children today have healthier teeth than ever before, tooth decay rates could still be improved with joint efforts from the government, communities, and parents. This is evident from a nursery programme in Scotland called Childsmile, where nursery staff offered free tooth-brushing for children every day. The initiative dramatically reduced costs in … Read more

Should Tooth Decay In Young Children Be Treated With A Filling?

According to new research by the University of Manchester, one in ten British children at the age of five have a filling and about two in five have tooth decay. However, many dental experts claim there is no need to fill milk teeth unless they cause pain or discomfort, as they will fall out anyway. … Read more

New Guidelines Recommend Prescription Toothpaste For Scottish Children With Tooth Decay

New Initiative for Scottish Children Regular toothpastes sold over-the-counter are ineffective at protecting the teeth of children living in deprived areas, according to the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN). This organisation forms part of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) programme. Experts at SIGN believe that the most commonly used toothpastes by children do not contain … Read more

Government-Backed Study Supports Water Fluoridation

Water Fluoridation Protects Against Decay A new report released by Public Health England (PHE) has supported water fluoridation as a means to reduce rates of tooth decay and improve children’s dental health. The report highlights the fact that tooth decay, or dental caries, is found less common among children living in communities implementing water fluoridation … Read more