Get a Kate Middleton Smile with Special Micro-Rotation

Get Kate Middleton’s Smile

Earlier this summer, The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Los Angeles at the end of her Canadian Royal tour with a transformation in her smile. It was gleaming and straight, unlike Hollywood’s perfectly straight and excessively white smiles. She had taken her smile from OK to red carpet ready.

Did Kate Middleton have something is done that transformed her smile? And if so, what?

Her secret lies in teeth whitening and a treatment called “micro rotations. It allows her to create a look that is not overly false and artificial. She can have a natural appearance that suits her. Micro-Rotation produces a mini smile makeover without the extensive dentistry of a full smile makeover transformation.

What is a Micro-Rotation treatment?

Micro-rotation treatment is a technique that falls under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. There are many other names for this treatment, such as Micro-Contouring.

Micro-rotation treatment can essentially be done in the following ways:

  1. Orthodontic treatment involves rotating and tilting the teeth in small micro-manoeuvres to create the smile of your choice. Six-Month Smiles is a revolutionary new treatment that allows adults to get straighter-looking teeth in a matter of only a few months. It also uses inconspicuous and clear invisible braces to form a discrete dental treatment.
  2. Using revolutionary and innovative new dentistry techniques taught by Dr Rahul Doshi at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute. In this technique, the surfaces of the teeth are re-contoured to give an illusion of a micro-rotation. Dr Doshi, an industry professional opinion leader, coined the technique of Micro-Contouring.
  3. Using techniques such as Micro-Veneers allows him greater freedom to produce a fantastic result. Micro-veneers are partial veneers bonded onto teeth using adhesive dentistry, giving the illusion of straighter teeth. The teeth do not look perfectly straight but natural and harmonious.

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Micro-contouring (Micro-Rotations treatment) provides a natural appearance because it is a type of mini smile makeover. It still uses the tooth’s natural colours but simply enhances how the light reflects the teeth. So all the teeth look harmonious with the lips and face.

If you are interested in any of these types of dentistry and would like to discuss the techniques further, please call our studios for a complimentary consultation.

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