Crooked teeth as an adult? What can you do about it?

November 27, 2019 by Dr Gurs Sehmi


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Most of us want to have a smile we feel proud about… but what if you’ve passed the presumed ‘acceptable’ age bracket to have braces?

We get it – you didn’t have braces as a teenager (whether that’s down to the fact they weren’t common, financial reasons or you just didn’t want them), and now you are left with crooked teeth as an adult and struggling to deal with it. 

We all want sparkling, white straight teeth. We see it in the movies, we see it online, and now (with the increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry) it is likely that we see it when we are talking to our friends…

What can you do about it?

There are many orthodontic treatment options today to have your teeth straightened in convenient, fast and effective ways.

Just because you are now an adult, doesn’t mean you have missed the acceptable time period to have braces!

We have many subtle options of braces available so that your friends won’t even notice you have had the treatment done.

Additionally, if you don’t want braces, there are many alternative types of treatments available to fix crooked teeth such as veneers.

What type of issues can orthodontic treatment target?

Orthodontic treatment can help fix a number of issues along with straightening crooked teeth, including removing gaps in teeth, realigning crowded or protruding teeth and eliminating overbite.

Fixing crooked teeth is not just an aesthetic goal, additionally, it makes cleaning your teeth easier and more effective. If you have this type of treatment done now, it also means you can avoid unnecessary treatment in the future.

See some of the additional benefits of Invisalign treatment here. 

Today there are many different types of braces with ‘invisible’ braces becoming increasingly popular, particularly for adult patients.

In fact, it is really never too late to have your teeth straightened and today there are numerous options for more convenient, faster and effective treatments including:

What option is best for you?

When people have crooked teeth they automatically think of veneers as the best solution. 

However, we want patients to know that you can make dramatic improvements to your smile through simple teeth-whitening and orthodontic treatment too. 

The advantage of orthodontics as part of an aesthetic treatment is that it minimises any changes to the existing teeth. 

Using veneers to straighten teeth can sometimes result in bulky uncomfortable restorations as well as extensive preparation of otherwise healthy teeth. 

Additionally, if you have a mouthful of healthy teeth, there is not always an urgent need to apply veneers when some simple orthodontic treatments could give you the desired results.

Medically reviewed & updated on December 4, 2019

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Dr Gurs Sehmi

Reviewed by Dr Gurs Sehmi


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Dr Gurs Sehmi

About the Author: Dr Gurs Sehmi BDS B.Sc (Kings College London) – (GDC No. 103934) is one of the leading dentists at the Perfect Smile Studios in Hertfordshire with particular skills in adult orthodontics and dental implant treatments. After graduating from Kings College London as a dentist in 2006, Dr Sehmi has worked for the NHS before moving onto Private Dentistry. Dr Gurs Sehmi was shortlisted for Best Young Dentist in 2012. Dr Sehmi is one of the most experienced restoratives and enhancing dentists at The Perfect Smile Studios.