You can Have orthodontic treatment at any age

April 5, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Clear Braces, Orthodontics, Smile Makeovers

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People visit an orthodontist in hope to have their teeth straightened. For teens, this is often resulted in the conventional manner with metal braces. These treatments often last 1-2 years before the kids end up with straight teeth. Find out more.

crooked before and afterHowever, many adults feel that it is too late to consider straightening their crooked teeth and often do not want to go through the emotional journey of having metallic highly visible train-track braces. So they put up and live with a smile that they are insecure of.

Regain your confidence with Perfect Smile

In situations as such, we have often found that gradually people lose their confidence and their self-esteem. Life is too short not to be able to smile with all the confidence in the world. In fact, they say your smile is the window to your soul.

For this reason we want to help as many people as we can and dentistry has now provided some suitable and very appropriate solutions for adults who dislike their smile. See what treatment options you have.

Producing straight teeth in 6 monthsclear aligner

You can have your teeth straightened at any age, even if you are an adult. Our disposal highly innovative techniques mean you can straighten your teeth within 4 to 9 months! This can be achieved with techniques such as Six Month Smiles, Clear Step, Invisalign, Incognito and Damon Clear.

These techniques use clear braces that are more discrete and inconspicuous compared to the more traditional methods. This means that you can have your teeth straighten and no one will even know how it’s being done! Find out more.

Award winning dentists

Our award winning Orthodontist in Hertfordshire, Essex and London will be able to help and guide you in the appropriate techniques available all of which are very discrete. We will also give you tips on how to get the most out of your treatment. Contact us.

The Perfect Smile Studios like to remain at the forefront of innovative dentistry that ends up making our patients life more comfortable and easy.  Visit our enhancing dentistry clinic in London. For this reason we have multiple techniques, systems and solutions to provide you with tailor-made customised treatment plans that suit you perfectly. Our Orthodontist will help you choose the right option for you. Continue reading.

Talk to the experts

Come and talk to our award winning Hertfordshire Orthodontist at our celebrity renowned studios. Call us on 01992 552115 now to take advantage of this great opportunity and let us help you to get smiling again.

“I can’t believe how invisible my braces were and I got my teeth straightened within 7 months! It was a totally amazing experience. The Orthodontist was so helpful and kind, she really made me feel very comfortable. I love my newly straightened teeth. Dr. Doshi then whitened them and they now look absolutely amazing. I keep getting great comments on how good my teeth look. Thanks to all the team at The Perfect Smile Studios”

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