What is All-on-4 Implants?

What is All on 4?

  • Four dental implants that hold a bridge of up to 14 teeth
  • Replaces a full jaw of missing or failing teeth
  • Offers the least degree of movement compared to other prosthetics

All-on-4 dental implants, also called Teeth in a Day or Smile in a Day, is a full-arch rehabilitation solution to replace loose, missing, failing, or rotten teeth with a full set of dental implants.

Using just four dental implants positioned in select places in the jaw to avoid additional procedures like bone grafts, All-on-4 uses a hybrid bridge of teeth that attach permanently to the four implants distributed evenly throughout the jaw.

The dental definition

All-on-4, All-on-Four and All-in-Four describe how four dental implants support all the teeth in the upper or lower jaws. The prosthodontics procedure is designed to achieve total rehabilitation in edentulous cases or for patients with badly damaged, decayed, broken down or compromised teeth that are failing due to conditions like gum disease.

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Who is All-on-4 for?

The full-mouth dental implants are perfect for patients who have lost an entire jaw of teeth or only have a few failing teeth remaining. Ideal for complete denture wearers looking for a fixed alternative to their removable prosthetics, All-on-4 will suit patients who want a more stable, natural-looking smile that prevents facial sagging and bone loss.

What does All on 4 look like?

Illustration diagram:

all on 4 graphic

A before and after:

all on four before and after

What’s the All on 4 procedure like?

One major benefit of the All-on-4 system is that patients can expect immediately loaded teeth, which means they can have a full smile once again within four or so hours of surgery. This immediately loaded prosthetic, however, will not be your permanent set; it will be replaced by a much sleeker version a few months later once the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone.

The procedure is completed under local anaesthetic chairside. However, IV sedation can be used for particularly nervous patients.

Benefits of All on 4

  • Offers an improved chewing, eating and speaking experience
  • Provides a fixed, non-removable solution for denture wearers
  • Never experience loose or uncomfortable dentures again
  • Preserves bone in the jaw and improves oral health

Aftercare steps.

What are the alternatives to All on 4?

Patients looking for alternative full-arch rehabilitation treatments can seek out complete dentures, which rely on suction to stay in place. If you are interested in hearing about other implant-based solutions, then explore implant-retained dentures, which are removable and hence cheaper or more expensive solutions like subperiosteal implants or zygomatic implants, which use two additional implants implanted into the cheekbone.