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Patients who ignore gaps in the mouth caused by missing teeth put the future of their oral health at risk.

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The big impact of missing teeth

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Have you lost a tooth to trauma or decay? Regardless of the reason behind your missing teeth, not replacing them appropriately can have detrimental effects on your oral health, like a breakdown of bone, leading to further tooth loss if not acted on.

When a tooth is lost, the bone in the jaw begins to deplete, affecting the support of the remaining teeth, which consequently can become wobbly or loose. See more effects of missing teeth.

Inadequately replacing missing teeth with traditional systems like dental bridges and dentures does not restore support from the underlying bone.

Dental implants are the only device that promotes good bone health as it’s designed to mimic a tooth root.

Best Way To Replace Missing Teeth​ - Three Treatments

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Patients can save money on dental treatment by replacing several missing teeth with dentures and implants, such as implant-retained dentures.

1. Dental Implants (Fixed Solution)

Solutions for total tooth loss | Solutions for a few missing teeth

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots, using a dental crown to mimic natural teeth. Explore types of dental implants.

  • Lasts up to 30 years
  • Success rate over 95%
  • Best long-term solution
  • Supports bone health
  • Closest replica to natural teeth
  • Prevents the jawbone from shrinking
  • Can replace an entire row of missing teeth
  • Keeps nearby adjacent teeth stable
  • Improved strength and stability
  • Restores biting force

2. Bridges (Fixed Solution)

A dental bridge is when two teeth (abutment teeth) on either side of the area with the missing teeth anchor the artificial teeth.


A bridge is a great solution, especially when the abutment teeth also need some coverage protection too. This way, security, support and restoration are offered in the same treatment.

Patients tend to prefer this option when a speedier treatment is required. Bridges form a quick and efficient system of medicine that only takes two weeks to complete.

The treatment is also fixed in the mouth and does not need to be removed. It offers excellent aesthetics since a dental bridge has a porcelain component and can look very realistic.

However, the abutment teeth will need to be prepared and tooth tissue removed to provide the space to place a bridge over them. This level of preparation often hinders the selection of this choice.

3. Dentures (Removable Solution)

Removable dentures are when an acrylic or metal acrylic device holds all the artificial teeth on it. It is a removable choice to restore the gaps left by lost teeth.


Various components of the dentures, such as metal clasps, are used to anchor the denture to the remaining teeth.

When all the teeth are missing, the denture acrylic or metal (usually cobalt-chrome) is spread over a larger surface area of the mouth to gain tissue retention.

The treatment for dentures can take several visits over a few weeks.

This is the option when the rest of the teeth need to remain undisturbed and not directly used for support.

It is an excellent solution in cases with high plaque retention and caries susceptibility since it allows the patient to clean the remaining teeth and gums better.

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The costs to replace missing teeth

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