Missing Front tooth options

Learn all the ways to replace a missing front tooth from cheapest to most expensive.

Best options for a missing incisor

When it comes to front tooth replacement, there are traditional ways that hide the problem, and then there are modern options that offer more durable fixes. Finding what works best for you will often boil down to price and how natural you want your new fake tooth to look. But you might be surprised to discover that the modern ways to replace a front missing tooth are not that much more expensive.

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Making the right decision - What to consider:

When replacing a front missing tooth, aesthetics are important to ensure the new fake tooth blends flawlessly with the existing set of teeth, which is not always a huge concern for rear teeth.

Next, you’ll want to consider the technicalities of replacing the tooth; for example, should your restoration be fixed or removable?

Partial dentures rely on metal clasps around neighbouring teeth to keep them in place. On the other hand, dental implants replace the tooth’s natural root, which means they’re permanently fixed into the jawbone (permanently meaning they can only be removed by a dentist). 

Another factor is longevity. Dentures don’t last forever and will likely need replacing or repairing multiple times. Meanwhile, modern options like dental implants can last up to 30 years.

Each treatment has its own pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh these before pursuing your final treatment. Opting for traditional methods now might mean you won’t be a suitable candidate for dental implants later.

This is because dentures and bridges do not prevent bone loss – and without bone, there’s nothing for the implants to anchor to, which might mean you’ll need bone grafting procedures later down the line.

Recommended Missing Front Tooth Treatments

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Dental Implants

  • Costs £2,550 - Financeable
  • 3 months from start to finish
  • Lasts up to 30 years
The best long-term option for all patients, dental implants is the closest replica to a functioning, natural tooth. The implant is fixed and will not move, making it more secure. Plus, it won't decay like natural teeth. The procedure does not involve cutting adjacent teeth, which means they can stay healthy and as the tooth root is replaced, they prevent further bone loss.

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Partial Dentures

  • Costs from £750 - Financeable
  • 3 weeks from start to finish
  • Lasts from 5 to 10 years
Partial dentures either rely on metal clasps or suction to stay in place, and thus are removable devices to replace tooth loss. The lowest-cost option, dentures do require replacing every few years as the bone in jaw depletes and gums shrink, which means impressions will need to be taken every few years for a better fit. Other downsides include movement when eating and speaking.

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Fixed dental bridge

  • Costs from £1,200 - Financeable
  • 2-3 weeks from start to finish
  • Lasts from 5 to 15 years
A dental bridge relies on two adjacent teeth to fix to - and dentists are trying to move away from this option as the two adjacent teeth require cutting and filing to be fitted with crowns, which causes unnecessary damage to otherwise healthy teeth. The fabrication of a dental bridge is often expensive, and there is a greater risk of decay and bone loss.

Is it ok to have a missing front tooth?

Patients can expect to experience several consequences throughout their lifetime if they choose not to replace a missing tooth.

No treatment at all

Some patients, with ease, accept their situation and leave the gap untreated. However, whilst it might save costs, ignoring a missing tooth can cause problems that patients should be conscious of. For example, additional stress is placed on the remaining teeth, which might lead to the potential movement of opposing teeth, affecting the overall bite and alignment. Not to mention bone loss that can cause other teeth to fall out.

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