No Drill, No Needle Ultrathin Veneers

April 19, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Advanced Technology, Aesthetic Dentistry

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Porcelain veneers by Perfect Smile Studios London

Are you afraid of the dentist’s drill and the injections but dislike the shape and form of your teeth?

Well now with the latest innovations in veneer technology, you can take years off your look without drilling your teeth or any injections!

This is great news for anyone who is nervous when visiting the dentist.

Studies have shown that the two most nerve-wrecking things in dentistry are the noise of the dentist’s drill and the dental injection. Well, now this worry can be a thing of the past.

A great solution from The Perfect Smile:

Ultrathin Veneers are now the favoured option for dentists and can come in wafer-thin widths.

Dr. Rahul Doshi of The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute and eminently involved with Ultrathin Veneers says, “This technique has been created to increase the life of smile makeovers. It is a more conservative approach to improving smiles with no heavy tooth removal or drilling.”

Why are Ultrathin Veneers so good for Smile Design?

Traditional veneers require some trimming of the tooth surface and enamel prior to bonding but these latest ultra-thin options (commonly called ‘no-prep veneers’) leave the natural tooth structure intact. Find out more about dental veneers.

Corrective Dentistry with No Drilling and No Injections

Since, no tooth structure is removed no drilling is required and hence no anesthetic is required either.

Dentistry has been moving towards a more conservative approach for some time but now we have solutions that can enable tooth shape, form and colour to be changed producing some stunning makeovers.

However, it is critical for the mouth and teeth to be assessed very carefully and in detail to establish appropriateness of this treatment. Book in your free assessment with Perfect Smile Studios.

The process involved:

Most of the time required is for the treatment planning stage since the exact width and shape of the new ultra-thin veneers needs to be specifically calculated and the bite analysed.

This enables us to create a new smile design for your teeth. This then produces smiles that do not have excessive pressures on the teeth. It can often take between 1-2 weeks for completion.

However, another technique Dr. Doshi uses is Immediate Direct Veneers that also produces similar results to Ultrathin with but can be done in a single appointment! View more information.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Since, Dr. Doshi produces customised smiles to suit your face and mouth, the cost of the Ultrathin Veneers treatment is dependent upon the treatment planning analysis. Click here.

Also, Immediate Direct Veneers involves much less work and uses alternative material. This means the treatments can be very quick and affordable.

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