Are Veneers Painful?

Worried about the veneer procedure? Seen videos online that have made you hesitant? Let us help put your mind at ease.

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So, Do Veneers Hurt?

The veneer procedure is painless, as you are under local anaesthetic.

However, it’s typical to expect slight sensitivity after the final fitting, which is nothing to worry about as it only lasts a few days while you recover. It’s mostly experienced in complex cases, where multiple other treatments are carried out at the same time.

Your specialist dentist will discuss what to expect after any treatment at the examination stage.

We'll discuss the ins and outs during your fist appointment

The clinical assessment is conducted in your first appointment, where we will help you to fully understand how your treatment will proceed and what to expect.

The thoroughness of the clinical assessment is also essential as it connects you to the appropriate treatment; the more compatible the treatment plan, the better suited it will be for you.

It also means that you are less likely to experience difficulties during the treatment that might cause pain or complications.

We will also provide you with relevant instructions before, during and after the treatment, which will help you achieve a more comfortable fitting.

If this advice is not followed, then you can end up experiencing discomfort from other associated conditions such as sore gums or infection.

Pay Monthly With 0%

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended veneer treatments have left thousands of our patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and the way their smile functions.

Our selection of veneer brands means a less invasive process

The brands of veneers we stock (Durathin, Ultrathin, Lumineers and Emax), as well as composite veneers, are not just selected for their appearance, but for the fact they require little to no preparation of your existing teeth.

With the aim to give you a pain-free experience, our veneer selection means we do not have to etch huge amounts of enamel from the tooth or file teeth down to stubs, which damage the underlying tooth and can cause more discomfort during application. 

We also have a dedicated team focused on helping patients with a dental phobia or any level of dental anxiety – we understand that fear can contribute to a painful or uncomfortable experience when not managed correctly. 

Before & After Gallery

See what our patients look like before and after veneers so you can gain a better idea of how they’re going to look and work for you.