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April 24, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Find out what your dentist really thinks about that perfect smile

Get to know the real in’s and out’s of dentistry in this fantastic revealing interview with Dr. Rahul Doshi of The Perfect Smile Studios.

Dr Rahul Doshi is a celebrity cosmetic dentist whose work is regularly featured in the national media, including Extreme Makeover UK. The Clinical Director of leading dental publication Premium Practice Dentistry, he is also Clinical Director at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute having trained over 5000 dentists.

Dr Rahul Doshi of Perfect Smile Studios London

Get to know YOUR Dentist:

Why did you become a  dentist and what do you enjoy most about your work?

I became a dentist predominantly to follow through my passion in science but I can now see how it has allowed me to use my artistic abilities, my scientific knowledge and creative talents combined to produce some beautiful and stunning smiles.

Four words your close friends would use to describe you?

• Passionate

• Perfectionist

• Artistic

• Honest

What treatments do you offer?

I create customised, natural-looking healthy smiles based on a sound foundation using interdisciplinary multifaceted dentistry including the latest dentistry, quality dental implants and orthodontics for adults. I use all the latest technologies to formulate personalised treatment plans and options based upon my patient’s needs and requirements.

Top tips to keep healthy teeth?

Regular maintenance and dental check-ups can prevent a whole plethora of dental ailments detecting biological and structural deterioration much sooner; meaning less future dentistry.

I advise regular tooth brushing (preferably with an electric tooth brush) twice a day, with use of interdental cleaning aids and a fluoride toothpaste. A diet that consists of 3-4 meals a day without in between snacking is a good starting point.

What can be done for whiter teeth?

Often teeth can look much better after removal of stains and discolourations but modern teeth whitening treatments work very well too. Alternatively, we can customise the end smile by use of no preparation (no drill and no injection) Ultrathin Veneers. Here we can change the shape and form of your teeth as well as the colour transforming your smile quickly and affordably.

In your opinion, what are the most exciting new treatments available for a smile makeover?

Stunning smiles in dentistry can now be created with no drilling and no injections using the latest Ultrathin Veneer technique. This is great news for nervous patients.

Also, teeth can now be straightened quickly and affordably producing some fantastic natural-looking smiles with invisible braces in treatments like six-month-smiles.

Which products you would recommend?

An electric toothbrush such as Philips Sonicare is great taking the effort out of toothbrushing hence appealing to the majority. For sensitive teeth, I really like Sensodyne Pronamel which helps against acid erosion as well as having a nicer taste than most toothpastes for sensitive teeth.

The best mouthwash I feel is Retardex which helps overcome gum problems as well.

About Dr Doshi

Dr Doshi trained at the United Dental and Medical Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’s in London. He completed several postgraduate training courses in restorative dentistry, predominantly in the States. He now offers innovative training programs on multifaceted dental treatments and smile design planning at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute, where he has taught over 5000 qualified dentists.

Dr Doshi also works as a judge for the UK National Private Dentistry Awards, he is clinical director of Premium Practice Dentistry and is on several editorial boards for private dentistry publications.

“We create smiles, teeth and mouths that look great, feel great and function to your satisfaction. The secret to our success lies in our personalised smile designs created to specifically suit you and your face,” says Dr. Doshi.

To arrange an appointment with Dr Rahul Doshi, please contact the practice on 020 3355 8505 or click here to send a message


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