Dentists Turn Into Smile Transformers

A smile looks better if the teeth are bright and white. However, there are several factors that cause discolouration and teeth to look unattractive hence preventing you from achieving that ideal look.

The dentists at The Perfect Smile Studios are turning into Smile Transformers with new-age techniques and systems. They look at the exact cause of the discoloration and then formulate a treatment plan that can help you to eliminate the cause and have a better healthy and attractive smile.

Discolouration can be due to many factors and the ultimate treatment option is dependent upon the actual cause of the discolouration. During Smile makeovers and performing dentistry there are many factors to take into consideration such as amount of tooth remaining and hence the structural integrity of the teeth. This affects the treatment plan advised and the options available to you.

Discoloration that can ruin a smile can be due to:

– Consuming dark coloured foods and drinks

– Tobacco

– Poor dental hygiene

– Dental materials that have stained

– Amalgam dark fillings

– Deteriorating and failing dental work

– Dental decay

– Braces

Dr. Doshi says, Whitening has remained a popular treatment because it works! The dentistry industry has grown over the years and is even more sophisticated today. There are better and more advanced material and ways of treating teeth and renewing smiles that once upon a time were the content of our imaginations.”

Also, having a white attractive smile may alter the first impression you make for the better, but the act of smiling itself may have a greater effect on you. If you have a nice smile nobody will be forcing you to smile but you will do it naturally because you will subconsciously know your teeth look good.

A recent study by a business scholar at Michigan State University found that people in customer service positions who force smiles often end up worsening their mood and hence productivity. The opposite was true for employees who smile as a result of positive thinking and naturally ‘smiley’.

We are a dedicated dentistry practice that will formulate treatment plans whether they are general or cosmetic dentistry based. We have a dedicated team allocated to each of our specialities and we offer comprehensive complete care treatment planning with multiple viable options. To enjoy one of our signature complete care assessments just book in for a complimentary consultation; alternatively you can book directly into our Assessment Clinics.

We look forward to giving you back your healthy smile with advanced dentistry.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios to book in a FREE Consultation on 01992 552115 to assess your suitability and find you a way forward.

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Your smile has topped a poll of the most important physical features when it comes to an attraction between men and women. The smile was closely followed by the face and then the eyes.

This year the theme is “The Smile Factor”, which aims to remind people that their mouth, teeth, and smile are fundamental to all aspects of their life – whether career, personality, relationships, attraction or all-around good health.