Modern Diet Harmful To Tooth Enamel

August 7, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

Dental Health

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According to a new international study by GlaxoSmithKline, the acids that modern people consume through their everyday diet have a harmful effect on dental health, causing erosion of the teeth enamel.

The condition is also known as ‘erosive tooth wear’ or ‘acid wear’ and is usually irreversible. Some early signs of acid wear include thin and transparent enamel, yellowing teeth and dull enamel.

The study, conducted in several European countries, found that almost one in three Europeans aged between 18 and 35 have the condition. These findings are worrying because specialists previously considered tooth wear a condition that usually affected older people.

One of the possible reasons for the development of the condition among younger people is habitual consumption of acid foods and beverages, the study found. These include fresh fruit, fruit juices and salad dressings, as well as the practice of adding squeezed lemon to water. Researchers pointed out that having two servings of fresh fruit per day can increase the risk of tooth wear significantly.

Still, giving up on fresh fruit is not recommended. Instead, specialists advise consumers to try and change the way they eat them, by reducing the contact of acids with teeth.

  • When drinking fruit juice, it is better to use a straw and to avoid swishing and holding drinks in the mouth.
  • Consumers should brush their teeth after each snack to eliminate acids.
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash to strengthen their tooth enamel.

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Dr David Bloom

Reviewed by Dr David Bloom


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