The good, the bad and the ugly performance of the cosmetic dentist

September 11, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Dentists have endured much negativity by the movie industry over the years.

Especially in films like Horrible Bosses, where Jennifer Aniston plays the crazy dentist who harasses her staff and patients; or in the movies The Dentist and The Dentist II – both based on dentist psycho-killers. Dentists are always seen as the scary bad guy’s.

Why can’t we be the good guys for a change? We help you feel confident with a brand new smile. Click here for Perfect Smile Studios smile transformers.

Although dentistry is one of the most trusted and highly qualified professions, it is seldom portrayed in a positive light in TV, movies and even social media.

But it will come as no surprise to many how in the modern millennium era, dentistry has been able to eradicate many of these preconceptions.

We have many SW & North London, Essex and Hertfordshire patients who are so pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and successful dentistry or any other type of dentistry like having dental implants is now. Find out more.

Leading dentistry’s in London & Hertfordshire

discoloured 1Despite how we have been portrayed, cosmetic dentists have been able to do much good over the years taking advantage of modern improvements in techniques and products.

We have been able to transform the lives of people who have suffered for years with smiles and teeth that they have been unhappy about and that has emotionally lowered their self-esteem. See: Dentistry of the future.

We have been able to build beautiful looking teeth on healthy foundations thus giving back the confidence to eat comfortably and look amazing. A new smile can be your all-time best accessory!

Restoring your oral health

We clean up the bad teeth and restore them back to health. This eliminates any possibility of pain and deterioration in the future.

In fact, there are not many instances where we cannot “fix” your bad teeth or gums. This means that we have been directly responsible for a lot of good and at the Perfect Smile Studios we aim to continue upon this endeavour. Check out our oral healthcare tips.

Transforming lives

gaps 1We transform unsightly teeth and enhance them to beautiful looking teeth. There is a whole spectrum of how we can do this varying from simple contouring adjustments with teeth whitening to full range smile makeovers. The choice is yours. Discover the process of teeth whitening.

Every time we have done this it has made our patients feel special due to the impact better-looking teeth has on the psyche. We can also customise these treatments to suit varying budgets. Design your smile.

After all there is right now a dentist somewhere (even in this practice) relieving someone’s physically or emotional pain by giving him or her a beautiful healthy smile and a great healthy mouth foundation.

Whilst this isn’t about immediate life saving, it still has a huge impact on someone’s life as we have seen every day of our working lives for the past 20 years! Take a look at how we have helped: Portfolio & Testimonials

This is the main reason why after delivering stunning health smiles our motto is:

Changing Lives & Exceeding Expectations.

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Medically Reviewed By:

Dr Rahul Doshi

Reviewed by Dr Rahul Doshi


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