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February 11, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Looking Younger

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Dr. Rahul Doshi shares his ideas on how dentistry is taking the center stage in anti-aging processes.

He believes that new and wonderful innovations in dentistry can not only help people achieve the perfect smile but also contribute towards warding off the aging process.

He looks at some of the techniques he uses every day to achieve both anti-aging and the perfect smile:

  • Customised and Personalised Trial Smile

This is a process carried out before the final fitting of any cosmetic work.

It is unique to any specific patient and requires considerable skill since the trial smile is specifically designed by the dentist.

It gives the patient the opportunity the see and literally “try –out” their new smile before being fitted with the permanent treatment.

It also answers specific questions such as:

How long or short will my teeth look?

Will I like them?

Will they suit me?

Will they match who I am and my personality?

Will I be able to eat comfortably?

  • Dental Face Lift

Correctly positioned teeth in the front of your mouth can give you better lip and facial support.

This is called “dental face lift”. Hence, good smile makeovers can minimise the aged look of the facial mouth area by providing better support to worn and incorrectly positioned teeth.

We achieve this by a highly detailed smile analysis and clinical evaluation.

This is yet another secret to how he designs and creates stunning smiles.

  • Selecting the Appropriate Combination Treatments

There are multiple treatments that can be used either singularly or in combination that can provide the most beautiful results.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Doshi has found many techniques such as dental veneers and implant supported dentures, that can achieve most requirements people have these days.

The key is in the correct treatments that enable correct positioning, shape, form, colouring, light reflection and texturing of teeth.

  • Overcoming the cost barrier

Cost can be a great barrier to those wanting enhancements to look younger.

However, with many of the newer techniques that fall under the umbrella of  “Micro-Aesthetics” this no longer needs to be an obstacle to anti-aging.

Using our personalised and customised assessment we can now design unique treatment plans to suit individual needs.

This means that you can have anti-aging procedures that fit you, your budget and your needs.

Perfect Smile offers Hollywood Smile Makeovers

Our dentists will be happy to discuss any of the above and more if you would like more information.

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