The Next Best Thing – Dental Implants

dental implants.

There may come a time when anyone who loses an adult (permanent) tooth will be able to grow a live replacement.

But until that day arrives, a dental implant capped with a lifelike porcelain crown is the closest thing to the real deal. Find out more.

An implant is a small titanium substitute for a tooth’s natural root, which is hidden below the gumline.

A lifelike, custom-made porcelain crown is cemented or screwed onto the implant to create a complete tooth.

Read more about how dental implants and how they work.

Dental implants in London & Hertfordshire

Other options — such as fixed bridges and removable partial or full dentures — replace the crown only, not the root.

The advantage in replacing the function of the root with an implant is that it can help protect your jaw from bone loss. Click here for dentures.

Over time, losing enough teeth and continued bone loss may cause functional problems such as difficulty speaking or eating and can adversely affect the shape of your face, making you appear older than you really are.

Why choose dental implants?

Like all healthy bone throughout your body, jaw bone is in a constant state of “remodelling.”

Mature bone cells are removed (resorbed) and new cells are formed, ensuring that the bone retains its overall shape and mass.

Questions regarding dental implants? Click here.

Stimulation is necessary to ensure the regenerative process. In your jaw, your teeth provide that stimulation.

The crowns make contact with each other throughout the day (for example when you eat and speak), and the resulting impact is transmitted via the roots to the bone through periodontal ligaments that suspend each tooth root in its socket. Check out our bone graft information.

Without a tooth root to transmit stimulation, bone regeneration (growth) in the affected area will cease but resorption (breakdown) will continue, resulting in a progressive loss of bone width, height, and density.

Titanium implants and porcelain crowns even have certain advantages over natural teeth because they do not decay and are relatively free from gum disease. Once integrated and functional, complete tooth replacements can last a lifetime! See: Advantages.

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