Changing teeth at 60

Today, we saw a lovely gentleman called Henry for a complimentary consultation. He seemed like an anxious patient at first but we soon made him feel welcome and comfortable. He mentioned in our chat that he felt that he had left his teeth for so long that he wasn’t sure if there could be anything that could “sort them out”. He had always hated looking in the mirror at his smile and never quite looked people in the eye incase they were looking at his teeth. He said “ordinary dentists just drill and fill, but now he wanted something more”. He had just celebrated his 60th birthday and he knew that he didn’t want to carry on this way.

One of his main questions, as we chatted over some freshly brewed coffee, was “Am I too old for  dentistry?” He said he wasn’t sure if dentistry had solutions for people like him.

It made me think about how many more people who are around 50-70 and still have some twenty or more years left, are living with a smile they hate and a smile that has deteriorated their self-confidence as well. They were used to the “old” dentistry but don’t know that there are things now available for people who are older.

The Answer:

You can have a beautiful natural and confidence boosting smile at practically any age (so long as you have no medical and dental contra-indications).

There are lots of options for treatment that can be easily worked into a treatment plan used to create your unique new smile with your specific requirements incorporated within it.

These include:

  • Dental Restorations. These are beautifully designed fillings that match your teeth colour and create the illusion of teeth without fillings. This is a great option for those that do not want too much involved. However, they don’t protect weakened teeth.
  • Natural Looking Dentures You can replace false looking teeth with natural looking teeth just by having a stunning denture with real looking gums and teeth in it. However, they are usually only fixed in the mouth with dental implants.
  • Dental Veneers. This entails a mixture of crowns and veneers depending on which surfaces need protection and which surfaces need to change shape to result in a pleasing smile.
  • Affordable Dental Implants. Surgically placed titanium rods can be used to support teeth to result in a full smile with natural looking teeth. This gives a great solution for missing teeth.

Whichever option you choose will result in better-looking teeth. We carry out a unique assessment resulting in a personalised treatment plan. This treatment plan is unique to you and your budget.

Don’t wait and think you are too old for dentistry. Sixty is as good an age as any to have your new smile. Call the Perfect Smile Studios and let us help you to achieve the smile makeover of your dreams.

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A great looking smile with healthy teeth tends to reverse the appearance of aging. Studies show that 50% of people seek out cosmetic dentistry because they know that it will make them look younger.

There are many benefits to aesthetic dentistry that can be anti-aging. The results of smile enhancements have been so impressive that many have referred to cosmetic dental treatments as “dental facelifts!”