Why consider The Perfect Smile Studios for Cosmetic Dentistry?

September 29, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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It is often a very difficult decision when considering where to go to get your dentistry or dental implants work done. These days everyone sounds the same and it increasingly feels like a gamble. We at The Perfect Smile Studios understand this and want to make your decisions easy and simple. For this reason we have considered a few areas in which we excel to help make your decisions.

1. We have a range of top highly experienced specialists and skilled dentists in each area of dentistry within the practice including an implantologist (for dental implants), a periodontist (a gum specialist), an orthodontist and even a plastic surgeon who does our non surgical facial aesthetics such as botox, dermal fillers and peels. We have a mature and very experienced team to help make dentistry very comfortable for you.

2. Dr Doshi is the Clinical Editor for Premium Practice Dentistry, which is on its way to being the biggest leading magazine world wide, thus making us, The Perfect Smile Studios, at the forefront of dental technology and innovations especially in dental implants and dentistry.

3. Dr Doshi has been running a teaching Institute for dentists, for over 10 years. He teaches cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive treatment planning to dentists from all over the world. He also lectures worldwide such as USA, Dubai, Italy and Germany. This means you will be in very capable hands.

4. The Quality of our work and our Team is exceptional. For this reason, Dr Doshi has featured many times on TV such as Extreme Makeover UK BBC, ITV, and is regularly consulted by the media e.g. The Times and Daily Mail

5. We offer the latest in technology/ techniques:

– E.g. a Hard Tissue Laser. With this technology you can be sure to experience pain free and drill free dentistry! That means treatment WITHOUT the drill or need for an injection. There are only a handful of these types of Lasers in this country!

– We can offer NO PREPARATION VENEERS. This means that you do not have to cut teeth in order to create beautiful smiles.

Six Months Orthodontics. We can offer adults aesthetic orthodontics (tooth coloured and clear braces and teeth straightening treatments) that can take only 4-9 months to complete (this is less than half the time when compared to conventional orthodontics)

6. Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi are both judges on the panel for the National Private Dentistry Awards. This means they are extremely knowledgeable about the latest in dentistry and are at the forefront of their field.

7. A full extensive examination will take place, like you have never experienced before! Detailed and thorough just as you would expect a private BUPA examination. Covering every possible aspect to give you all the options and answers that you need! Whether you are considering dental implants, cosmetic dentistry or simply teeth whitening treatments we will provide you with the most comprehensive range of treatments all under one roof.

8. We also have a hypnotherapist, and offer sedation for any nervous patients, and you can relax in your personal relaxation lounge so you feel comfortable and relaxed. We offer other auxiliary services e.g. free Wi-Fi, lunch, paraffin wax skin softening hand treatment, DVD glasses during treatment and much more

9. We have a unique technique where we create “TRIAL SMILES”. This gives you the opportunity to try-out your new smile and then change it as you wish. We also do Mini-Makeoversfor those who want minimal dentistry.

10. And finally, because you will find that we actually care about you. You will see this immediately. We take our time to make sure that you are comfortable and happy at all times. At The Perfect Smile Studios, YOU will always be in control of your treatment plan. We only want to assist you with your decisions and advise you appropriately.

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