Cheese Can Reduce Risk Of Dental Cavities, Research Finds

July 22, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

Dental Health

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The news that cheese helps bones due to its high levels of calcium is not new to the majority of consumers.

According to new research published in the General Dentistry journal, however, it also has properties that can effectively prevent dental cavities and tooth decay.

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Ph Levels Affect Plaque Production

The study, led by Ravishankar Telgi from the Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre in India, monitored 68 teenagers and compared the level of their dental plaque PH. The children were divided into three groups and each group was given a different dairy product to eat – cheddar cheese, yoghurt or milk to drink. Measurement of PH levels in their mouth were then taken 10, 20 and 30 minutes later.

Vipul Vadav, co-author of the study, explained that PH levels in the mouth were a strong predictor of the likelihood of developing dental cavities. If one’s PH level drops below 5.5, which is considered neutral, the risk of developing cavities increases significantly.

Results from the study showed a dramatic increase in PH levels amongst children who ate cheddar cheese. In the two remaining groups no change was registered.

According to a spokesperson for the General Dentistry journal, which peer-reviewed the study, consuming dairy products was recommended as an alternative to carbohydrate-based food products used as a snack during the day, not just because of their minimal sugar content, but because of the additional benefit of tooth decay prevention.

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