5 Steps to Designing the Perfect Smile

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this has never been truer than in dentistry.

Creating the ideal smile for you requires the dentist to imagine and understand in finite detail what your smile.implant 1

This has been one of the primary reasons for the extremely detailed assessment protocols exercised at The Perfect Smile Studios. Contact us today.

Our signature comprehensive smile assessment program covers every aspect of understanding your perfect smile.

5 Steps to Your Perfect Smile:

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation

Firstly we will require information from you on how your current smile impacts your everyday life and how you would like it to be.

This is carried out in the privacy of a relaxing consultation room.

Our treatment managers and coordinators are very skilled at this part of the assessment. Find out more.

Often there is no time restriction which means you can discuss your needs and requirements fully.

We believe this is extremely important especially if you are a nervous patient.

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STEP 2: Smile Assessment

This is a 2-3 hour comprehensive full check up of your jaw joints, musculature, teeth, gums, smile, bite and all oral tissues.

Here your dentist is looking to make sure everything is working the way it should.

Anything that he/she feels is abnormal further diagnostics may be taken such as digital bite mapping, radiographs and jaw analysis. Read about the complete care assessment.

Also, the entire smile will be evaluated from the outside in.

This means that the eventual smile with suit you perfectly. This step is not uncomfortable and very relaxing.

All the hard work is taken over by the dentist. Click here.

STEP 3: Treatment Planning & Diagnosis

The dentist will take some time out to look at all the information that will have been gathered.

He/she will then formulate some treatment options for you.

They will try to understand what can be corrected about your smile and what can’t.

This is very important since evaluation of the limitations of your teeth, mouth and smile governs the choices available to you.

STEP 4: Cosmetic & Health Solutions

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The dentist will go over all his findings and detail out some viable options that fall in with your specifications and requirements.

Again there is no time restriction and so the dentist will be able to answer all your specific questions regarding how you will achieve that perfect smile. Check out some questions & answers.

STEP 5: Your Choice

At this stage, you will also fully understand all the possibilities for your new perfect smile. We can then create a customised program that is unique to you.

It will consider your budget, needs and all the things we can do to make your visit with us pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Our dentists will design your perfect smile based upon your choice.


The workflow of how to achieve predictable aesthetics by using the following steps:

  1. digital photographs, aesthetic assessment with study casts and measurements of the teeth
  2. creating a mock up to simulate the desired result and then taking accurate measurements of the new look , photographs and steady casts
  3. the ceramist creating a Diagnostic Wax Up of the desire smile
  4. creating the Provisionals and modifying these to satisfaction, thereafter taking revised measurements of teeth, photographs and study casts of the temporary teeth
  5. the fabrication of the final teeth and fitting of them
  6. review and final adjustments if required


Looking 10 years younger with the at dentists with special interest in smile dentistry

Dr. Doshi is privy to all the latest innovations and breakthroughs in dentistry due to his work as a clinical editor of Premium Practice Dentistry dental publication. Click here. This allows him to make use of multiple resources when treatment planning with his patients, so he can provide tailor-made treatment plans to suit all requirements, budgets and affordability. Find out more.

Dr. Doshi said “My aim to help as many patients as I can. I work hard to achieve the best results possible and I love my job. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Dentistry is my life and I like to express my passion in my work through the artistry and attention to every detail when I am creating beautiful healthy teeth. Teeth are so important. We know that teeth are not only important for our psychological wellbeing but also the health of them are just as important to the general health of our body. I feel like I am contributing to our society by achieving the most desired and best result for my patients. I am also helping patients to look 10 years younger in mind, body and spirit.”

Dr. Doshi has taught his signature “Trial Smiles” at the conference in 2017. He believes the success of his dental work is down to the success and realistic appearance of the trial smiles he creates for his patients undergoing the procedure. Discover more.

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He says, “Only if I am able to produce the best result possible in the temporary phase am I going to understand how my patients perceive the end result of their smile makeover. I want to produce the perfect smile makeover for my patients and I want to give them every opportunity to tell me exactly what that is.”


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