3 Simple Mistakes That Make Teeth Yellow

The 3 Simple Mistakes as Advised by Dentists That Make Teeth Yellow

Yellow teeth are a big concern for many of us – and sadly, social media filters cannot follow us in our daily lives.

But other than the obvious main causes for yellow teeth, like coffee and smoking, three lesser-known causes lead to discoloured teeth –  and luckily for us, they’re easily stopped.

One dentist, Dr Surina Sehgal, shared a video on TikTok, claiming to help people save their teeth with just three east techniques, which she classes as “detrimental.” Watch the video here.

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1. Stop brushing your teeth too hard

One we may all be guilty of without realising is brushing our teeth too hard. Excessive pressure, for example, can wear down the tooth’s enamel (the very white layer of your tooth).

Underneath is another layer called dentine, which is, in fact, very yellow. So when we wear down the enamel, we expose more of the dentine, making teeth appear yellower than they actually might be.

2. Avoid anything fizzy

You don’t need to be an expert in dental health to know that fizzy drinks aren’t good for your health or your smile. But in the video, Dr Sehgal urged users to avoid fizzy drinks as they are the worst for your smile due to their acidic nature, which is not helpful in the fight against gum disease either.

The acidity in fizzy drinks again causes enamel erosion, causing a thinning of your enamel and exposing the yellow dentine layer underneath. Fizzy water should also be avoided. But if you are to drink it, drink through a straw to limit the damage.

3. Do not overuse whitening toothpastes

The third rule actually might surprise people – especially when whitening toothpaste is readily available. The dentist concluded that whilst it’s effective in fighting stubborn surface stains, it can have the opposite effect if used for a long period.

Whitening toothpaste contains very small abrasive particles to blast surface stains, but overuse can thin the enamel over time and expose the yellow dentine.

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How to get rid of yellow teeth

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Don’t waste time or risk damaging your teeth with at-home remedies like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to your teeth, you should always involve a dental professional, and it’s mandatory to have a dental consultation before selling you tooth whitening to avoid irritating gums and causing tooth sensitivity.

Book a free tooth whitening consultation here. OR view treatments for yellow teeth.

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