Comprehensive check-ups

We offer a comprehensive, detailed examination and assessments. Our thorough approach is a signature of our service and commitment to helping you achieve your goals. 

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our aim is..

  • To understand your dental situation
  • To make an accurate diagnosis
  • To recommend a unique treatment plan

Signature Complete Care Assessment

3-4 hour detailed assessment recommended for those wishing to have a smile makeover or cosmetic dental treatments.

Health-Focused Assessment
We are focused on restoring the correct tooth function to prevent future problems such as decay, deterioration and bad gums. 

Children’s Complete Care Check-Ups
Examining your child’s mouth whilst they are young will help to avoid the pitfalls of bad teeth in the future. Prevent future invasive dentistry via customised children’s programmes to enables correct future planning like orthodontic assessments.

your assessment may include:

Digital Photographs

We take a series of photographs of your face, smile and teeth to make custom treatment plans.

Oral Cancer Screen

Assess soft tissues in the mouth to make sure that you do not have any suspicious-looking areas or ulcers.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Digital X-rays to assess the health of teeth and bone. Digital radiographs also minimise the radiation dose.

Study Models

Replica moulds of teeth to assess the shape and bite. By analysing the way teeth fit together when chewing, we can design restorations that provide long-lasting results.

Jaw Joint Health

Sophisticated computerised technology Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) assesses the health of jaw joints. Long-term treatment success depends on the stability of the jaw joint.

Bite Analysis

Assess the precision of how teeth meet and work together. If you have a comfortable bite your restorations will last longer.

Smile Analysis

Detailed checklist to compare your smile to an ideal smile so we are clear as to what changes to make.

Teeth Assessment

We review each tooth's strength to learn how long it may last. We do not advise treatment if the prognosis or long-term outcome is not good!

Gum Assessment

Special measurements of your gums to accurately identify the level of gum disease you have. Treating this early will ensure you maintain healthy gums.

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