Your dentist, could save your life (as well as your oral health)

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Skipping Your Next Check-Up Can Be More Consequential Than You Might Think We all understand and know the importance of brushing our teeth twice daily and visiting the dentist regularly to stay on top of our oral health. But as dentists, we know more than most that taking the trip to prevent bad teeth is … Read more

How early detection of problems can save you from heavy invasive dental work

Spot Dental Problems Early: Save Time & Money What’s great about today’s cosmetic dentistry treatment options is that many of the procedures can be performed without damaging or altering your original tooth shape, structure or size. Here at The Perfect Smile, we believe minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry is very important, especially as it can be applied … Read more

The Great British Cosmetic Dentistry Rush

Popular Trends and treatments for Boomers and Millennials Here at The Perfect Smile, we have seen an emergence of patients requesting the same procedures we often use on our celebrity clients. Due to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, procedures have gotten faster and better, which means they are more accessible to all kinds of patients with … Read more

A Healthy Smile Can Boost Mental Health & Well Being

How Oral Health Affects Your Mind & Body There is nothing better than a healthy mouth, which can be an amazing asset to have. Believe it or not, our teeth play an important role in your lives; they help us to chew and digest, speak clearly and provide shape for our face. On top of … Read more

What do your teeth say exactly about you?

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The surprising facts your teeth reveal about you It may be surprising for some of our patients to find out that an ideology exists where teeth represent our personalities. Everything from shape, size and alignment is meant to signify the person who owns them. Whilst this is a little far-fetched for some, there is some … Read more

Oral health benefits of cosmetic dentistry – straighter teeth can lead to a healthier you?

Veneers vs braces

Just the word ‘cosmetic’ makes us think that cosmetic dentistry has solely aesthetic benefits. While cosmetic dentistry typically involves enhancing the appearance of your smile – colour, position, shape, size and alignment of your teeth – cosmetic dentistry can also be essential to improving the functionality and optimisation of your oral health.  If you do … Read more

Answers to Your Bad Breath Questions

Many studies show that bad breath, also known as halitosis, is the third most frequent reason for visits to the dentist — only behind cavities and gum disease. Understanding the causes and treatment of halitosis is the first step toward avoiding the embarrassment that often accompanies bad breath. How many people suffer from bad breath? … Read more

Analysing why dreams of a perfect smile are left unrealized by over 64% of Brits

Many people feel that they may have lost their confidence or self –esteem over the years. This is because they have been acutely aware that people are constantly looking at their teeth when they are talking to them. They feel embarrassed but are not aware of the things that can be done these days to … Read more