Discoloured Teeth

The best way to brighten your teeth.

Enhanced Teeth Whitening Systems

Enhanced teeth whitening systems can be used to brighten your smile at minimal cost: having a winning smile can enhance your looks and confidence. Alternatively, you can have mini-makeovers that use simple techniques to produce natural-looking smiles quickly and affordably. Teeth may also appear discoloured because of tooth decay.

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Fight discolouration the easy way

Overview of treatment solutions:

Tooth whitening

Teeth can become discoloured with time due to tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and some foods. There are many systems available to help with this

Teeth whitening is a good option providing minimally invasive dentistry when the only issue is mild tooth discolouration. If the discolouration is moderate then the teeth whitening may need to be carried out for an extensive period.

Severe intrinsic tooth discolouration requires other treatment options to be considered such as veneers.

Replacement crowns and fillings

Replacement crowns, fillings and bridges require measuring and recording the shade of the neighbouring teeth accurately and using a ceramist who understands the nuances of creating a layered appearance of tooth colour taking into account the small nuances present.

This involves taking digital photographs and recording and understanding the hue, value and chroma.

Hygiene appointments or root fillings

The removal of the infection in a tooth that requires root filling or one where the root filling is inadequate will improve the colour. This may involve the removal of tooth decay which also improves the colour.

Where the re-root filling is carried out then internal tooth whitening is also an additional treatment often required.

This is ideal when there is extrinsic tooth staining including the presence of plaque and calculus.

Veneers & smile makeovers

Veneers form an optimum treatment option if the intrinsic discolouration is severe and teeth whitening may not be powerful enough to brighten a smile.

Opt for a smile makeover instead

A smile makeover is an optimum treatment option if intrinsic discolouration is present. It is also appropriate when there are multiple discoloured large fillings, discolouration due to teeth developmental issues, tooth wear, crowding, gaps, and/or a narrow smile.

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