White fillings

When decay or cavities develop, many solutions help restore its function, comfort and strength, as well as protect the tooth from further damage.

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natural-looking fillings

If you have a decayed tooth, then a white filling will restore the shape and function of the tooth and prevent further decay. How we craft natural fillings.

Benefits of white fillings:

  • The composite material is directly bonded to teeth helping to restore strength and function – non-invasive
  • White fillings match the shade of the teeth
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • Takes one appointment 
  • Not prone to thermal expansion and contraction
  • Durable and can last a very long time

White Fillings: Process and procedure

  1. Local anaesthetic: Your dentist will gently inject a local anaesthetic into your gum to numb the area. 
  2. Removal of the tooth’s cavity: As well as holes in the tooth’s surface, you may also have small areas that are beginning to decay too. This is removed using a small drill before your filling is placed. You will not feel any pain, just a buzzing sensation and some pressure.
  3. Placement of the filling: Once the decayed has been removed, the dentist will place the filling. Once in place and bonded using a light, one of our oral specialists will apply a resin for an extra stronghold. You may also have your tooth polished for a final touch.
  4. After the procedure: You may feel a slight toothache once your anaesthetic wears off, which is easily remedied with over-the-counter painkillers. 

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how long do white fillings last?

A white filling will last between 8-12 years. Their long-lasting durability makes them an incredibly successful and effective treatment for tooth cavities.

White fillings are available privately from anywhere between £90.

Prices will vary depending on the tooth that needs filling and the extent of the damage.

Types of fillings

types of fillings we offer

Traditional fillings are often made from various metals, such as gold, silver and amalgam fillings. How long does a filling take?

White fillings on the other hand, are barely noticeable.

Tooth-coloured composite fillings are made from a mix of acrylic resin and powdered glass in order to match the colour of the existing teeth.

This allows the filling to merge seamlessly with the teeth, especially when it is in a more obvious location towards the front of the mouth.

This bonding procedure allows for the tooth to be supported and restores 90% of its original strength.

Our tooth coloured filling prices begin from £150.

amalgam (silver) fillings

Amalgam fillings are very durable and can typically last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. They are cheaper than tooth-coloured fillings but have a distinctive metallic colour and consist of mercury.

gold fillings

Gold fillings are made to order, and rather than a liquid material that is bonded and shaped in the tooth, they are made before placement and then cemented in place.

While white and amalgam fillings can be placed within a single visit, gold fillings require multiple visits to the dentist and cost 10 times more than ceramic.

porcelain fillings

Much like white fillings, they are tooth-coloured, allowing for a subtle restoration of your smile.

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