Dental Insurance

We accept dental insurance from AVIVA, AXA PPP, WPA, Bupa, Vitality Health, SAGA, Cigna, and many more to pay for dental costs.

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The Perfect Smile Studios in Hertford is happy to offer our patients the chance to claim back the cost of their dental treatment via dental insurance. We accept most major dental insurance providers and policies that help patients better budget for routine dental work. 

Discuss your options with us on 01992 552115.

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Claiming back - What's covered?

Whilst most dental insurance plans cover the cost of many dental treatments, it’s important to check exactly what your plan covers with your provider.

Generally, most providers cover the following:

Some dental plans, like those seen with Bupa, even offer up to 20% discounts off selected treatments.

How dental insurance works

Commonly, dental insurance policies cover routine check-up appointments and the cost of more extensive dental work and dental emergencies.

Usually, you won’t be able to claim straight away. 

It typically takes 1-3 months after you purchase insurance to make a claim. However, there is an exception. Patients can claim immediately for preventative treatments like:

  • Routine check-up exams and appointments
  • X-rays and scans
  • Hygienist appointments (scale and polish)

Longer waiting periods may apply for other benefits.

Paying with insurance - the process:
  1. Undergo your prescribed procedures at our private clinic and pay the dentist. If you don’t have the funds to cover your treatment, you can use 0% purchase credit – but you would still need to make these minimum payments per month.
  2. Make an official claim to your insurance to remunerate your treatment by taking a picture of your receipt and submitting it to your account online or through the app.
  3. The payment should reach your account within a few days.

With some insurance providers, there are no excesses to pay.

Alternatives ways to pay & save on dental treatment costs

At our practice, we’re pleased to offer patients a monthly subscription Privilege Plan designed to cover routine treatments like check-ups. By signing up for the plan, patients can access free emergency dental work and a 5% general and cosmetic treatment discount.

The Privilege Plan gives patients peace of mind because they know they won’t pay anything upfront as the cost is often covered through their regular payments. Unlike standalone dental insurance policies from insurers, a capitation plan through a dentist requires patients to pay a monthly fee that will cover the cost of their usual dental spending per year.