Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

All the reasons to choose cosmetic dentistry.

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Our extensive work on the board of directors of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) has brought to light smile improvement’s considerable positive effects on a person. Also, through our work at the Perfect Smile Institute and the many cases we have treated, we have understood first-hand the definitive impact of cosmetic dentistry on people’s everyday lives. We have personally seen lives changed and transformed in spectacular and unexpected ways!

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Benefits to Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many benefits to Cosmetic Dentistry – an umbrella term that houses a multitude of teeth-enhancing treatments

These treatments vary from simple contouring and teeth whitening to more complex restorative veneer work. It also includes other modalities of dentistry such as implants for missing teeth or orthodontic braces for crooked teeth or spaces between teeth.

Cosmetic dental work is very individual, so we often customise the treatment plans to suit your particular requirements. This can engage in various different treatment solutions to meet your cosmetic goals.

Whatever Your Treatment Choices You Can Enjoy a Myriad of Positive Outcomes. These Benefits Include:

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Our recommended cosmetic treatments have left thousands of patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance – now we can help ensure they’re available for a wider range of patients, with varying budgets with 0% finance over 24 months.

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See what our patients look like before and after veneers so you can gain a better idea of how they’re going to look and work for you.

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“Dr Sam Jethwa and his wonderful veneer team are brilliant. They have created the most incredible smile for me and completely changed my life.”

Sarah Carter, Harlow