Improved Career Prospects

Improved Career Prospects

Cosmetic dentistry has so many positive benefits.

Your Smile is more important than you might think

A recent BACD study revealed that at least 23% of people were actively seeking cosmetic smile improvements to get a better job or help move up their career ladder. This fact has been supported by numerous other studies showing the importance of a nice-looking smile in career progression. The impact of aesthetic procedures on career prospects is a great many. This is particularly true if you work in an cosmetically orientated industry, like media, acting, fashion and beauty industries. A cosmetically enhanced smile seems to be perceived as the owner having a warmer personality. This may be because people with good-looking smiles are more confident and smile more often. Thus, a better smile contributes to career success in any service industry.

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“It sounds extreme, but I can’t describe how unhappy I felt with my smile. I hid my mouth when I talked or laughed, I avoided social situations and family photos. Being able to smile without worrying what people think is the most amazing feeling.”

Sarah Carter, Harlow