Composite Bonding Benefits

Want to know all the benefits of composite bonding? There’s more than one reason why thousands in the UK are going crazy for the treatment. 

Improve your smile in only one appointment

Considering composite bonding, but want to explore everything it has to offer? Well, if you’re beginning to dabble in cosmetic dentistry, you couldn’t have chosen a better treatment to get started with. Minimally invasive, fast and inexpensive composite bonding has many incredible benefits. It is the perfect procedure for patients wanting to improve certain imperfections with their smile without getting dental veneers.

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Explore every advantage of composite bonding

The results look unnaturally natural

Probably one of the primary benefits of composite bonding is its ability to produce natural-looking results. The composite resin material can be closely matched to the colour of your teeth, allowing for a seamless integration with the rest of your natural smile, so you can trust that your bonded teeth will blend harmoniously.

Composite bonding can target several cosmetic concerns

A selling point of composite bonding is its versatility, and how the innovative technique can address and target a plethora of cosmetic concerns at once. For example, chipped, cracked, broken, gapped, discoloured or generally misshapen teeth can be improved with composite bonding, which can reshape and rebuild teeth. So, if you have more than one smile problem, composite bonding can take care of them all in one application. 

It’s one of the fastest cosmetic procedures

Requiring just one appointment to apply, and taking only one or a few hours to complete, composite bonding is one of the fastest cosmetic treatments. Applied chairside, patients can leave the clinic after one appointment at the same time it could take to get your lashes done, for example. 

Composite bonding is approved for nervous patients

Composite bonding involves no drilling, injections, or much enamel removal. As it’s a minimally invasive procedure, composite bonding is much more conservative and preserves more of the natural tooth structure compared to veneers. Therefore, it’s approved for nervous patients as it requires no local anaesthetic and is painless. 

The treatment also offers functional benefits

You might not think so, but composite bonding also offers functional advantages. Durable and resilient the material provides additional strength and support to damaged or weakened teeth, and is able to withstand normal biting and chewing forces, which means you can continue to enjoy the foods and beverages without a worry. However, do be aware that the composite material, like your natural teeth, is prone to staining. 

It’s a reversible procedure - which means you’re not stuck with it

Composite bonding is an attractive option for patients because it’s reversible, which means it’s great for patients, who might be hesitant to undergo permanent treatments like crowns and veneers, which removes a portion of tooth structure you would need if you ever wanted to revert to your natural teeth. Composite bonding is easily repaired, replaced, and removed if desired, and it’s this flexibility that gives patients peace of mind knowing they have more options for their smiles in the future. 

Composite bonding is inexpensive and accessible to all

Possibly one of the main benefits is composite bonding’s affordability (compared to alternative treatments that target the same issues). Generally, composite bonding is the more cost-effective option to crowns and veneers, making it more accessible to patients wanting to improve their smile without breaking the bank. Costing between £150 and £300 per tooth, composite bonding is also available on dental finance – 0% up to 24 months.

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