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We have fast and very affordable dental solutions for sharp, pointy canine teeth. So, if you feel like your teeth are a little vampire-ish, don’t worry, we can help.

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Canine Teeth Too Pointy?

Is it true that you feel self-conscious about pointy teeth? Whilst canine teeth are shaped in a particular way to help us tear and break down food, for some patients, their canine teeth can appear longer and pointier than most.

And believe it or not, pointed teeth (or vampire ones, as some might say) are a condition that’s very easily treated with cosmetic dentistry.

As a leading cosmetic dentist clinic in Hertfordshire, Perfect Smile has several options patients can choose from to fix their problem teeth immediately. 

Treatment options explained for pointed teeth

Being unhappy with the shape of teeth is a common concern for many dental patients, whether they’re uneven or sharp-looking. But thankfully, our talented cosmetic dentists have simple, fast, and excellent procedures that can create the tooth shape you desire.

Whether you want to eliminate vampire teeth permanently or temporarily, there are many routes our dentists can take to provide you with a smile that makes you happy.

Pay Monthly With 0%

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended implant treatments have left thousands of our patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and the way their smile functions.

Composite bonding

  • Uses a composite resin to build up the tooth in delicate layers.

Tooth bonding with composite resin materials is a non-invasive approach cosmetic dentists recommend for patients unwilling to make permanent changes to their smile.

The composite bonding process can also be used to create custom veneers that enhance the size and shape of canine teeth. For example, we’ll apply the composite resin directly onto the tooth to sculpt the shape of your choice.

Composite bonding is certainly one treatment that has grown in popularity over the years, which can be mostly pinpointed to its incredible, temporary results.

For example, patients who want veneers but are not sold on the permanent changes it will make to their smile and enamel frequently opt for composite veneers as it requires no tooth etching.

However, composite bonding is only temporary, so the effects will not last forever. Patients looking to correct vampire or pointy teeth with composite bonding can expect the results to last around 5-7 years.

Cosmetic contouring

  • Careful filing, contouring, and reshaping of the tooth’s shape.

As a cosmetic dental treatment, cosmetic contouring is severely underrated. Whilst the name and procedure might sound a little scary, cosmetic contouring is entirely safe – *remember these procedures are carried out by skilled, experienced professionals.

The tooth filing procedure is relatively simple and effective for quickly achieving a more even-looking smile. Referred in dentistry as an enameloplasty, the contouring method is gentle and likely the cheapest way to fix your smile.

Completed under local anaesthetic, the procedure is painless and completed in just one dental visit. Patients can relax knowing that we carry out this procedure at least once a week in our Hertfordshire clinic, with patients usually rating the treatment five stars.

Porcelain veneers

  • Completely masks and conceals all kinds of smile perfections.

Porcelain veneers are traditionally the most trusted cosmetic procedure and for a good reason. Whilst they might be a costly way to fix any smile insecurities, they are also the most beneficial.

Not only can patients eliminate pointy teeth, but they can also improve the entire look and feel of their smile from shape and size to colour and luminosity.

Arguably better than composite, Porcelain veneers are hailed for their strength, resilience, convenience, and longevity. But sometimes, the permanency of this procedure can feel a little daunting for some patients – and this is something we understand.

We use only the thinnest brands of porcelain veneers, with max thicknesses being 0.5mm.

What our cosmetic dentists had to say about pointy teeth

Please let us highlight that correcting pointed teeth is considered a cosmetic choice, meaning there’s no medical need to pursue the treatment.

But as a cosmetic dental clinic that deals with patients self-conscious about their smile daily, we know more than most, how critical these procedures can be in changing people’s lives, especially how they view themselves.

As cosmetic dentists, we exist to help people feel about their smiles and effectively themselves. It’s our life’s purpose to make our patients feel better about their teeth, so if you want to do something about it, then know that we’re here, and we can carve out a straightforward path to your dream smile.

Our cosmetic dentists provide patients with clear, honest advice about their treatments of choice, with the information they’ll likely not be able to find online. For example, whilst tooth contouring is an incredible method, it’s not a treatment meant for every patient – without the right conditions, it could weaken your teeth and hamper your smile rather than enhance it.

However you want to move forward, we recommend always starting with a cosmetic consultation.

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