Mock-up smile designs

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Test out your new and improved smile

Sometimes, it is very difficult to envision how your teeth or smile will look after treatment, and we use the Mock-up Smile Design technique to help overcome these concerns.  A smile mock-up is a quick, temporary procedure that helps you visualize your teeth and smile before you decide to commit to permanent treatment.

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What is a dental mock-up?

A ‘smile mock-up’ is a pain-free procedure, which sees your new smile being handcrafted directly onto your teeth without causing any permanent damage.

The mock-up is applied with a temporary tooth-coloured material (called flowable composite).

We can also take pictures of the mock-up smile to help you compare the before-and-after results.

In addition, we take measurements and impressions of the mock-up to use this information to create the wax pattern of your final smile.

Whether you’re considering teeth straightening, veneers, bonding, or a full smile makeover, a mock-up smile can help you visualize your new smile.

Mock-up smile design is compromised of:

  • The desired position of the dental midline
  • The position of the Invisalign edge of upper teeth
  • The width of the buccal corridor
  • The golden proportion of teeth and the ideal ratio of width and length of front teeth

Any personal desired look is required with the new smile.

Benefits of a mock-up smile design:
  • It gives you a smile preview before committing to treatment.
  • Whether you are looking to improve the colour, shape and/or form of your teeth the mock-up smile gives you total control of the results – thus helping to create your perfect smile.
  • It acts as a foundational template between you and your dentist, to establish better communication of your expectations.
  • Provides invaluable information to the dentist, patient and laboratory.
  • Sometimes the dentist will carry out a diagnostic mock-up smile. This provides essential diagnostic information on the functioning of the end smile to prevent future problems.

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