Halitosis/Bad Breath

Bad breath is difficult to approach. There are many reasons for bad breath, such as inadequate oral hygiene, decay and gum disease.

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What Can Be Done?

If you are worried about bad breath, ask your dentist or hygienist to establish whether you have a condition like halitosis, decay, or gum disease.

Or it might be from trapped food and bacteria (stagnation areas) which your hygienist can carefully clean and remove from every tooth.

Working together, our dedicated dentists will show you how to achieve fresh breath and total confidence.

We recommend the following to manage bad breath

  1. Retardex Oral Rinse: Alcohol-FREE Retardex oral rinse is colourless and does not contain sugar or any artificial sweeteners. Being pH-balanced, it is kind to your teeth and gums. Visit website.
  2. Denti-brush is a breakthrough in the design of interdental brushes – it has a soft, flexible rubber-like brush head to conform to differently-sized spaces between the teeth, making it exceptionally comfortable and gentle to use. Visit Website.
  3. Excel Tongue Cleanser: When used with tooth brushing, it removes 85 per cent of mouth odour. This is 60 per cent more effective than brushing alone. Visit Website.

Good oral hygiene is important in the fight against bad breath, so visiting one of our award-winning practice in Hertfordshire is essential. 

Regular check-ups and cleaning with one of our fresh breath specialists can prevent the embarrassment associated with bad oral hygiene.

Here at The Perfect Smile Studios, our expert dentists are passionate about your oral health. We ensure that your visit to the dentist is not only a pleasant experience but that your individual needs are catered for.

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Personalised Treatment

Book a hygiene consultation to help you to understand the causes and the treatment options for bad breath.

Depending on your requirements, we can customise and tailor-make your treatment plans to suit your schedule and budget.

Dig Deeper

Gum Health
Gum Health

Gum disease usually involves infection of the gums and bone that will not be alleviated without treatment.

Root Canals
Root Canals

Treatment is required if the core of the tooth has an infection, normally the result of tooth decay.

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