Protecting your weakened tooth with a crown following a root canal.

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Why you'll need a dental crown

Whether you need a crown depends on how much natural tooth remains after the root canal.

In some cases, a crown is not necessary as the front teeth have a single, easily accessible root canal. 

This means that the dentist would not have had to cut away a lot of tooth structure to “see” the canal opening during the procedure.

In many cases, a simple tooth-coloured filling is all that is required to complete your treatment.

Best Possible Results From Root Canal Treatment

However, in cases where the tooth has a large deep filling or dental decay, more of the tooth may have been lost already – when performing a root canal on already vulnerable teeth, it results in the tooth becoming too weak and fragile and thus requiring a crown after treatment.

Root canal-treated teeth are weak and brittle. They have lost vitality and elasticity. So when they are hit again, or the patient has an abnormal bite, they may fracture if they are not protected.

In these instances, we advise restoring the tooth with a crown, which will protect the tooth from future damage and make it last longer. Find out more.

Each case is different, and treatment is advised accordingly. We offer a free consultation at our Hertfordshire practice. Repair your teeth with us today.

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