Healthcare roles & areas of special interest

There are many roles in our dental practice, which include the following listed below.

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Dental Roles

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

This is a specialist clinician that is qualified to perform surgical treatments on the head neck, face and jaws. They can treat both hard and soft tissues in the mouth and facial region involving the jaws.

  • Specialist Orthodontist

This is a clinician who specialises in correctly aligning the tooth position in all teeth straightening techniques, treatments and systems (orthodontics).

  • Specialist Periodontist

This is a person specialising in the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of the tooth, gum and bone complex that holds teeth in the jaws.

  • Special Interest In Endodontics

This is a clinician that is dedicated to the care, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of issues associated with root canals of teeth.

  • Prosthodontist

This clinician is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of restoring teeth and replacement of missing teeth using dental prosthesis.

  • Restorative Dentist

This is a clinician who diagnoses, treatment plans and treats teeth that need to be restored back to health, aesthetics and function.

  • Treatment Coordinator

This is a qualified team member who coordinates and facilitates all the treatment processes for the patients. They are to help and guide with information, treatment choices, appointments and management of finance options.

  • Patient Care Coordinator

This is a qualified team member who facilitates the care and treatment of patients. They help ensure that everything is comfortable and relaxing for the patients.

Additional Roles

  •  Implant Coordinator

This qualified team member coordinates and facilitates the entire surgical team and all processes involved with dental Implants.

  • Invisalign Coordinator

This qualified team member coordinates the treatments and laboratory designations associated with the clear aligner treatment called Invisalign.

  • Orthodontic Coordinator

This qualified team member coordinates and facilitates all the processes, laboratory designations and treatments to do with all teeth straightening treatments.

  • Care Nurse

This is a qualified team member who assists the dentists with all treatment processes and is involved in the care and comfort of the patient throughout the treatment appointment.

  • Hygiene Coordinator

This is a qualified team member who coordinates the appointments and care of patients with regard to their periodontal and hygiene treatments.

  • Hygiene Therapist

This is a qualified hygienist who has achieved an additional qualification in periodontal (gum) care and restoration of teeth. They can do simple treatments on teeth, such as fillings and teeth whitening. They are also qualified to take radiographs and administer anaesthetics.

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