Both treatment choices are suitable for many cases. No one situation is better than another. However, one may be more convenient for a particular condition than the other.

Although many patients prefer dental implants, they provide a natural-looking and permanent restoration for missing teeth.

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When Are Dental Bridges Good to Choose?

Dental bridges are helpful when you require a fixed option, but the neighbour teeth to the gap also need protection.

In this case, we have two choices:

  1. We place crown protection on the neighbouring teeth and dental implants in the gap of the missing tooth
  2. We put a bridge that supports and protects the structurally-weakened teeth and fills in for the missing tooth/teeth.

Dental bridges are a great choice when structurally weaker teeth are on either side of the gap where the missing teeth are.

We can also design bridges to look aesthetically very natural, like real teeth.

This is also a great option when the patient does not want to consider surgery, associated risks and complications. Take a look here.

Usually, this choice is made when the neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap created by the missing teeth are sound and are not weakened in any way by repetitive dentistry. See treatment process.

It would seem destructive to cut down good teeth to support missing teeth.

In cases such as these, we usually advise leaving those teeth alone and restoring the missing teeth/tooth space with dental implants.

Although surgery is involved, dental implants provide an excellent long-term solution without any harm caused to other teeth in the mouth. Find out more.

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Are Implants Better Than Bridges?

As you can see, implants are not better in any specific way, only that the treatment of dental implants does not involve the other teeth in the mouth.

The implant is designed and created to harmonise and stabilise the other teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are considering some possible solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us to book in for a complimentary consultation, where our Treatment coordinators can go through with you the entire range of extensive options available to you.

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